The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Hey Now! Yes, it’s Trivia Tuesday for Jan. 22nd and today we’re ntroducing the new “Trivia Tuesday Deluxe Edition” ( more on that in a moment! )
First,  we want to recognize the only reader to even attempt to answer last weeks question: We listed seven bands using their Original name and asked YOU to give us the final names they go by now! Nobody got it completely right, but big SMS props go to Julie for nailing 5 out of 7! Way to go, Jules!

Meanwhile,  and for good order, here are the seven bands in question featuring their OLD and NEW names

The Beefeaters, became:The Byrds

The Pendleton’s, became: The Beach Boys

The Golliwogs, became: Creedance Clearwater Revival

The Ragamuffins, became: The Music Machine

The Polka Tuck Blues Band, became: Black Sabbath

Screaming Abdabs, became: Pink Floyd

Rick and the Ravens, became: The Doors

Congrats Jules, for getting all ‘Cept The Byrd’s and The Music Machine!

But Now! It’s time for this weeks question!  And this week it’s a LYRICAL one!

Here’s your question and the lyric we want to know about: According to the song, WHO was: “always smiling and arriving late for Tea” ?

<<< Give us the name of the person referenced in the lyric? The name of the song, AND, The real and actual name of the iconic 60’s album the song appears on? (yes, it’s a three-part question )

Sooooo, in summary, we need, the name of the character in the song, the song’s title and what album it’s featured on!

No hints cuz you guys don’t need ‘em, especially Julie!

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

But now! It’s time to introduce: “Trivia Tuesday Deluxe” 

SMS is pleased to announce we’ve partnered with our friends over at Omnivore Recordings!  Omnivore has generously agreed to provide some very “cool free stuff” to the first reader in with the correct answer to our weekly Trivia Question, beginning today!

For our money, Omnivore is Thee Coolest Indie record label in the Universe, offering the Tastiest music on this planet, or any other!

Here’s the way it works: First, kick in your 60’s Music Trivia Lobe, located at the front of your brain! Be the first one in, with the full and correct answer and “Wam-0 SMS will have those generous folks at Omnivore Recordings surprise you with one of their Coolest and Grooviest CD’s sent directly to YOU! absolutely Free! 

Yep! That’s all there is to it, once you’ve been identified as the first in with the correct answer, SMS will contact you via secure Email and arrange for delivery to your preferred shipping address, and Omnivore will get it to you “Tout Suite” “ASAP” or really  “F ‘n FAST” Your call!

Meanwhile, while your waiting for your Cool Freebie from Omnivore, Check out their Website and browse thru all the incredible Artists and Music they offer!

We know you’ll find sooo much great music, your credit card will “Spontaneously Combust!

Here’s the link to Omnivore Recordings, as they like to say, “Omnivore, Create, Devour, Repeat”

~SMS / “Trivia Tuesday Deluxe”








  1. Its about scandal-tainted UK politician John was “Thumping Beat” on “Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends” (recorded 1969, released 1970..that ok?)

  2. It refers to The Duchess of Kircaldy from the song “Cry Baby Cry” from the Beatles album “The Beatles”

  3. The duchess of Kirkcaldy always smiling and arriving late for tea

    From Cry Baby Cry

    Album: The Beatles aka The White Album

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