The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Jan. 29th! Generously brought to  us by Omnivore Recordings!

That’s right! Once again, this week,  Omnivore will award a Free CD to the first reader in with the full and correct answer to this weeks Trivia Question!

But! Before we go further we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was a lyrical question : According to the song, “Who was always smiling and arriving late for Tea”?

The answer: “The Duchess Of Kickaldy  “Cry Baby Cry” from The Beatles “White Album”

Sizzling” Steve Winogradsky was First in with the full and correct answer, making him the first reader to qualify and Win a very cool CD from Omnivore recordings! Way yo go Steve!

Fred Vogel, weighed in as well, less than a minute later, but didn’t quite get the answer 100% correct“ Close But no cigar Fred, But thanx for giving it Hell!

Lastly Julie chimed In after Fred with the complete and correct answer by noting that the actual and correct album title we were looking for was “The Beatles” not “The White Album” as it’s been popularly named by fans. GOOD CATCH Julie!

But now, it’s time for this weeks Trivia Quiz ( And yes, get this right and you’ll win a FREE CD! )

Here’s the set up and your question: This weeks question is an Anagram, and it comes in three parts!

Part One: Here is your Anagram : my, in a grave ?

Part Two: Our Anagram had many hits in the 60’s several as half of a duet! Give us the titles of two of their duets and two titles they did as a solo artist ?

Part Three:  What unfortunate fact does our Anagram share with the great Sam Cooke?

In summary, we need you to decipher  “my, in a grave” Give us the titles to two hits they had as a duet and two hits as a solo artist ( 4 song titles in total ) And lastlly, What life changing event did he share with Sam Cooke?

Meanwhile, click on the link below to  Omnivore Recordings, check out their incredible catalogue of “Cool ‘n Groovey” music in anticipation of your soon to be delivered Free CD!







  1. This is unrelated to the question, but hot off the press . . . Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director) is creating a film from unreleased footage shot for “Let It Be”. . . the only Beatles studio album not produced by George Martin.(what’s that about?) Phil Spector ended up working on the tapes. AND . . . at one point the lads were tinkering with Stanley Kubrick about a film version of Lord of the Rings. Talk about coming full circle!
    Kudos to all those who correctly answered questions. They’d kill on Wheel of Fortune.

  2. Marvin Gaye solo hits.

    Heard It Through The Grapevine
    Got To Give It Up

    With Tammi Terrell
    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
    Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

    Both Marvin and Sam Cooke were murdered.

  3. Marvin Gaye…solo: Aint That Peculiar, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, as Duet partner:Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, “Aint Nothing Like the Real Thing”

  4. Marvin Gaye
    Tammi Terrell
    “Aint No Mountain High Enough”
    “You Got What It Takes”
    “Sexual Healing”
    “What’s Going On”
    Death by bullets

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