The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

YES! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Feb. 5th ! Brought to all of us by “The Very Groovey” folks at Omnivore Recordings!  The Coolest Place In The universe, offering only the tastiest music on this planet or any other!

AND, as you know, here’s our favorite part where we get to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was an Anagram: “My, in a grave” unscrambles to read, Marvin Gaye ! Last weeks full question was in three parts and first in with the full and complete answer was fast Fred Vogel ( as he frequently does ) Close On his heels was mighty Mark L. Chapman who also nailed the question! As did Steven Winogradsky Lastly, Denise Shoemaker dropped by, although she didn’t answer the question, she did reveal some exciting Beatle news ( We’re always intrigued by Beatle news, no matter where it shows up )

So, big SMS thank you’s And Congrats to Fred, Mark, Steve, and Denise!  With extra Kudos  and congrats to Fred Vogel for being this week’s winner and recipient of a very cool CD from our generous friends at Omnivore Recordings!

But now, it’s time for this weeks Trivia Question: This week’s question comes in two parts

Part 1) Here are the titles of three super hits from the 60’s.

1) “He’s A Rebel” (by The Crystals)

2) “Rubber Ball (by Bobby Vee)

3) “Hello Mary Lou” (by Ricky Nelson)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .What do these three great songs have in common?  ( and it’s much more than all three were in the Top 40, and they all were!)

Part 2)  Considering WHAT they have in common, there is ONE more title that would fit perfectly in this list! give us  that additional title w/the artist that made it famous?

And Remember!  Be the first one in with the correct answer and The Fab Folks at Omnivore  will ship off one of their coolest titles to YOU, absolutely FREE!

Meanwhile, just below is the link to their website, where you can browse thru some of the greatest music ever made…. You’re Welcome!


Please note, According to the SMS rules of engagement, you can answer the weekly question as often as you like, but you can only receive “ A cool Omnivore CD” every other week!



  1. Oh wow! The question was a little misleading because you said each song was written by the performer. I immediately went to “who’s the songwriter?” but realized you’d said that.

    • Hey Mz. D.
      In a word, “Hunh?”
      Sorry if the question was unclear! “Our bad” However, we simply want to know what the three song titles have in common?

      Have a further think on it and give it Hell!
      As always thanx for playing along!

  2. Okay, even though the SMS Trivia contest now has a prize of “knowable value” that I am gonna have to declare on my income taxes, I’ll play. How about they were all written by Gene Pitney who also wrote “Love My Life Away”

    • Hey Jim,
      As that old saying goes…”To the winner go the spoils”
      Furthermore, “Knowable Value”? Are you kidding,? A CD from Omnivore is PRICELESS! But we promise not to tell the IRS!
      Well Done, Jimmy G.

  3. All 3 songs were written or co-written by Gene Pitney, who had his own hit with It Hurts To Be In Love.

    • Hey Steven,
      Yes, you are correct all three songs were written by Gene Pitney! And he did in fact have a hit with “IIt Hurts tTo Be In Love, however THAT song was written by Howie Greenfield and slated to be recorded by Neil Sedaka! In fact, Sedalia originally cut the song, but his label RCA refused to release it! That’s when Howie took the tracks to Pitney, wiped Sedaka’s vocal off the multi track and replaced his vocal with Gene Pitney’s!
      “it hurts to be signed to a stupid record label”!
      Thanx Steve,

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