The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Yep, it’s Trivia Tuesday for Feb. 12th, brought to all of us by the fab folks at OMNIVORE RECORDINGS!  The coolest place in the Universe offering only the tastiest music on this planet or any other!

However! Before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to recognize the reeeeaaaly brilliant readers who got last week’s question RIGHT! Last week’s question was simply, tell us what these three songs have in common: “He’s a Rebel”  “Rubber Ball” and  “Hello Mary Lou” ? The answer is All three songs were written by Gene Pitney! As well as the “Bonus” song, “Love My Life Away” First in with the correct and complete answer was jumpin’ Jim Gorman, way to go James! Next up Steven Winogradsky, who came in as a close second but didn’t quite nail it! But big thanx Steve,for giving it Hell!   And lastly Denise Shoemaker dropped by, didn’t get the question, but delivered her usual positive support and good vibes! Thank you Ms. D. Soooo, that makes Jim Gorman this week’s winner and recipient of a very cool Omnivore CD! Way to go Jim, enjoy your new CD from Omnivore Recordings And further congrats and thanx to Denise and Steven.

But NOW! It’s time for this weeks question: What song did The Beatles, The Tijuana Brass, and Barbara Streisand have in common?   And if your interested in attaining  “SMS SUPER GENIUS STATUS”    Which one of them wrote it?

T  T  Th That’s all folks”

Meanwhile, here’s a link to Omnivore’s Homepage so you can browse thru  all their cool releases as you consider this week’s question!




And remember, you can answer the weekly question as many times as you like, but can only win a CD every two weeks!



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