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YES! It’s Trivia Tuesday for March 12th, brought to us each week by our Fab Friends at Omnivore Recordings! Your number one location for the Tastiest music on this planet, or any other! And, as you may have guessed, this weeks question is all about The Great Neil Young!

But, before we get to this week’s quiz, we’d like to recognize the two brilliant readers who correctly answered last week’s question, which was: an Anagram, “Ogreish Groner” actually unscrambles to become, George Harrison!  We also asked what was the first ever record he had released that he had written? The answer was “Cry For a Shadow” Which  George co-Wrote with John Lennon back in 1961 when the band was recording as “Tony Sherden and the Beatles! No one got the second half correct! HOWEVER, one loyal reader swooped in at “Beatle Speed” and identified our mystery Anagram! The Lovely and Loyal Julie Ismert,   Nailed The Question in minutes, followed closely by Fast Fred Vogel!….So That confirms Julie is the lucky winner of this week’s Groovey Omnivore Recording! Congrats Jules! And “There’s always this week” Fred!

But! Now it’s time for the NEW question for the week! And it’s all about the Amazing Neil young…Here’s your question:   Neil Young remains one of the most respected, revered, imitated as well as contemporary! singer/Songwriter / Guitarist as he was when he was bombing around the streets of Hollywood in So. California with his best friend Stephan Stills! As many of you know, before joining Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil worked with some of the greatest talents in music! Here’s the set up: Listed below are Six bands, our question is: Which one or one’s of these six bands was Neil  NOT, a member of?

1) Buffalo Springfield ?

2) Th Byrd’s ?

3) The Mynah Birds ?

4) Poco ?

5) Crazy Horse ?

6) The Flying Burrito Bros. ?

So! Now you tell us, which one  or more of these bands did Neil NOT, play in? And for extra credit, or, if needed, “A Tie Breaker”  ( a tie breaker will be applied when two correct answers come in, in less than two minutes of one another)                Here’s your Tie Breaker: In 1978 Neil Young wrote and produced a Top Ten record for his then girlfriend,    What was her name? And what is the name of the song Neil wrote?

Here’s the best part, just below, we’ve provided a link to Omnivore Recordings HomePage! Sooo While you’re thinking about Neil and What’s her name, why not browse their great catalog and maybe treat yourself to some-Mo’ Great Music?



Remember you can answer The Trivia question as often as you like, but you can only win a very Groovey Omnivore CD every two weeks!







  1. MY MAIN GUY…NEIL YOUNG…BUT WHAT DO I REALLY KNOW??? Probably not enough but anyway I’s state that Neil WAS NOT member of POCO, FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS, and THE BYRDS. And since I am ALWAYS trolling for Neil Young albums, believe it or not i found a pristine sleeve and vinyl of “Comes A Time” {I ALWAYS wanted this] and Neil wrote “lotta love” and on this album was sung by Nicolette Larson. What a HUGE HIT THIS WAS!!! And it was not until I had the album that I ever knew!! And God Bless Pegi Young.
    You know I REALLY NEED A “ancestry .com type of tool to put together ALL these most wonderful connections with all these incredible artists!! Although Neil was not officially listed as a member of some of these groups…he was ALWAYS THEIR in great spirit and affiliation!!!
    the wood….thanx “shoe”!!

  2. I was going to say Judy Collins (Sweet Judy Blue Eyes). One of those guys wrote that for and about her. Stephen Stills?

    • Hey Denise,
      You’re on the right track but, not quite there! It is true that STEPHEN STILLS wrote a song for his then girlfriend Judy Collins! One we all know and love, with the incredibly clever title “Suite, Judy Blue Eyes”, Not “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes” as many people mistakenly refer to it!
      But, we were looking for Neil Young’s romantic path!
      Thanx as always for joining in the convo!

  3. I do not believe Neil was in the Byrds, Poco or the Burrito Brothers. Girl Friend was Nicolette Larson, Song was, “Gonna take a Lotta Love”, or “Lotta Love”.

    • Cutis Stone!
      Wow, at certified country music legend!
      Great to see you join the conversation!
      …””Hey Buddy”?

  4. Wasnt in the byrds, poco, or flyng burrito bros… “lotta love” (its gonna take.a) for nicolette larson…

    • Hey Mark,
      As usual, you nailed it!
      We thinks it’s time to “Step-up” the weekly Trivia Question!
      Thanx, Mr. C.

    • Hey Mark,
      Trying to reach you in order to send you a Omnivore CD. Would you kindly send me an email, the one we have on file doesn’t seem to be working!
      My secure email address is
      Thanx and congrats

  5. NY was not in The Byrds, Poco, and The Flying Burrito Bros.
    Lotta Love – Nicolette Larson

    • Hey Fred,
      Jeeze Louise, you and Steven make it difficult to manage this question!..LOL!

  6. Neil was not in The Byrds, Poco or the Flying Burrito Bros

    He write Lotta Love for Nicolette Larson

    • Hey Steven,
      Jeeze Louise Steven, you and Fred make it difficult to manage this question…LOL!

    • Nicolette later married famed drummer Russ Kunkel. After years as a session player and sideman, Russ is now in a band called The Immediate Family with other session/sidemen giants Leland Sklar, Waddy Wachtel and Danny Kortchmar.

      • Hey Steve,
        Thanx for the tip on The
        Immediate Family…
        I go back a few years with a couple of those guys and often wonder what they’re up to?
        Now! Thanx to you I do!

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