The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for March 26th, this week once more brought to us by the Fab Folks at Omnivore Recordings! Thee Coolest Place In The Universe, offering only the tastiest music on the planet!

But, before we get to this weeks question, let’s join in a round of applause for the Sixties savvy readers who correctly answered last week’s question, which was: What great song from the “Summer Of Love told the tale of Officer Obie and The Group W Bench? The correct answer is of course “Alice’s Restaurant Masacree’ by Arlo Guthrie! Most of us mere mortals remember the song simply as “Alice’s Restaurant” But NOPE! The correct title as listed on the L.P. Is “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree’ And more than a few brilliant folks knew that! Starting with “Flash Fred Vogel” first in with ALL the answers, followed closely by “Speedy Stevie Winogradsky”, nailing things yet again. Plus, a new “regular” (so to speak ) to the Tuesday quiz “Crash Curtis Stone”  WELCOME Curtis, Close But no cigar! There’s always this week!   However “Rockin’ Ron Wood also weighed in! He wasn’t first, and he didn’t completely and correctly answer the question. But his answer so poetically captured the spirit and essence of the Music, Culture and “VIBE” of the 1960’s that we just have to call him this weeks Trivia Question Winner!  Very well done Mr. Ron Wood! A very cool Omnivore CD is n the mail and on it’s way to YOU!

But now, here is this weeks question: This week’s question is an Anagram, which we think will raise the “bar of difficulty” ! Soooo, put on your Sixties Smart pants and hang on!  Here’s your Anagram:    “ I climb the rock era “

There you have it, unscramble the Anagram AND give us at least two great bands  our Anagram was a member of ?

AND below you’ll find a link to Omnivore Recoedings Home Page! Why not peruse their cool catalog and find something you love!



Remember, you can answer the Trivia Question as often as you like, but can only win an Omnivore CD once every two weeks!




  1. Don’t know what I did but I posted BEFORE I complete the sentence!! I pulled the name “Ritchie” and that left “Blackmore”. His band was “Deep Purple” and the one I’m aware of is “Blackmore’s Rainbow”. Now I will rest my brain!! thanx….wood

    • Hey Wood,
      Well! It does appear that you did a whole lotta “pullin” we’re sure there’s a joke here but we’ll leave that with you! Meanwhile the fact is YOU NAILED THE QUESTION! Just a little late, however a new Trivia Question is only a mere 17 hrs. away!
      Pencils up!

  2. Ritchie Blackmore-Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow..The first time I heard Smoke on the Water, my mind was blown.

    • Hey Mr. Cur-Tay,
      Yeah you nailed it and we’re with you as to “smoke on the Water” That riff is one for history right up there with “Sunshine of your Love” Satisfaction and “In a Gada Da Vida” If you get my drift?
      Yes Mr. Stone you nailed it but you weren’t the first one in! B b b Brenda beat you by just 12 seconds!
      So, on to next week, thanx Curtis

    • Hey B b b Brenda,
      Unless someone, somehow travels back in time to a very early Yuesday Morning YOU are this week’s Trivia Question winner,
      And Yes a “Very Groovey” Omnivore Recording is on it’s Merry Way!
      Congrats and don’t be a stranger!

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