The SMS Trivia Question of the week 3/15…

Since, there was no Trivia Quiz last week we are cutting to the chase and kicking this week’s Quiz into high gear!… It was William Shakespeare who warned us to “Beware the Ides of March”  But to this date we still don’t know why? However it is Tuesday and it marks today as not only the “Ides of March” but the return of the SMS Trivia Question of the week! Todays question is a lyrical quiz and here’s your lyric: “And if it snows that stretch down south will never stand the strain” Give us th title of the huge hit that features this unusual lyric from 1968 ? Also, give us the name of the  versatile and diverse 60’s superstar who recorded and released this ‘60’s classic ? Additionally give us at least 3 more of his hits as well as the complete title of his popular weekly T.V. Show. Lastly we need 3 more song titles penned by the songwriter we referenced ?

In summary, here’s what  need:

1) Give us the name of the songwriter who penned the lyric we referenced above

2) Give us the title of the song that features this lyric ?

3) Give us the name of this multi faceted 60’s Superstar who recorded and released this gem ?

4) PLUS! Give us the title of at least 3 more hits from this 60’s icon ?

5) Finally give us the title to at least 3 more songs from the incredibly gifted songwriter who wrote this smash and many more ?

6) And for extra credit give us the full title of his popular weekly T.V. Series ?

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  1. I have often wondered how this song was dreamed-up and written. Was it imagination? Or a Jimmy Webb friend tell him about what it was like? Did he have that job? “I know I need a small vacation, but it don’t look like rain”? Pretty clear what that means. “I can hear you through the wine?” What does that mean? In the old western movies you sometime see someone going up to a telegraph pole and listening to the messages being sent. I used to think it was BS, but they actually had electromechanical “repeater” devices on some of the poles to boost the signal and you could hear them tapping out messages. Did that song hark back to something like that? I guess if you can imagine “McArthur Park” as a cake, you can metaphor up anything!

  2. Whchtia line man
    Glen Campbell Wichita lineman
    Rhinestone cowboy
    Southern nights
    Gentle on my mind
    The glen Campbell variety hour?

  3. Steven, you said it all…Jimmy Webb..genius…Glen Campbell..I saw him play on a session my dad was producing, as a mere guitar player. He and David Gates from Bread, were the guitar guys. WAY before they were artists in their own right. I remember because I was obsessed with guitar players as a teenager. I still can see them sitting there side by side, at Capital Studio A, working it out. Gates smoking a cigar. (In those days you could). Dad smoking his pipe barking out suggestions…”Try it again Glen. David, lay back just a bit”. little did I know at the time these guys would become famous. It did inspire me.

    Campbell toured as a Beach Boy and played on alot of their stuff, as well. The Goodtime Hour was a must see at our house.
    Southern Nights, Try a Little Kindness, By the time I get top Pheonix, (first recorded by Johnny Rivers) Wichita is one of my favorite all time tunes.

    • Hey Curtis,
      Thanx, it’s always great to hear one musicians perspective about another! Great imagery there, Glen you and your pop hunching over the sound board with the smoke twisting up into the ceiling lights!
      Always brilliant when you drop by!

  4. Geez Steven . . . give a guy a chance! I remember he also did specials at Christmas time. Other than that, I’ve nothing to add.

  5. Steven all over it!!! I listed 55 Glen Campbell 45s as a group for minimum bid $10 (+ shipping) on my auction list recently with no takers! Unbelievable! What great music and lots of obscure 45s in there too.

  6. Jimmy Webb
    Wichita Lineman
    Glen Campbell
    Galveston, Rhinestone Cowboy, Gentle On My Mind
    Galveston, MacArthur Park, By The Time I Get To Phoenix
    The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour

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