The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 3/16

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” It’s Trivia Tuesday for March 16th! Brought to us each week by all the Fab folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your number one destination for the greatest music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! BUT! Before we get to this weeks new Trivia Quiz, we’d like to acknowledge the Fact filled Fab readers who tackled last weeks’ Quiz! Which was : All about the odd and unusual world of “Spoken Word records” We think it’s a good indication as to how unpopular these records were, because only one reader showed up last week attempting an answer! That brave reader, who is usually all over each weekly quiz was Mr. Clark Besch! Yet even a “Master Class” student of Trivia like Mr. Besch didn’t get the entire question correct! But Big Thanx and congrats to Clark for being the only reader to even take a shot at the question! well DONE Mr. “B”….

But Now! It’s time for this week’s brand spanking new Trivia Quiz: This weeks question focuses on Beatle song titles! More specifically song titles that are only one word ! Yep and we think you’ll find it a bit more difficult than it sounds, and here’s what we need, 6 one word song titles recorded by The Beatles and written by Lennon and McCartney, plus 3 more one word titles recorded by The Beatles and written by George Harrison! Additionally please note, “Live” recordings don’t count! Neither do “Solo” records! Only studio recorded official Beatle records!

So, in summary, here’s what we need:

1) 6 Beatle songs with one word titles, written by Lennon / McCartney ?

2) 3 Beatle songs with one word titles, written by George Harrison ?

3). For you over achievers and SMS “Super Genius” status: Give us the titles of the albums each of these 9 songs appear on ?

Lastly, we know that track listings on Beatle recordings released in the U.S. and U.K. Were frequently different! Of course we’ll consider all those kinds of details! Including “One word song titles” that were only released as singles…

Sooo, as soon as you get this weeks quiz nailed, click on the link just below and browse thru Omnivore’s collection of the grooviest music in the known world and beyond!




And remember! You can answer the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days…



  1. YEAH YEAH YEAH……here I go again walking thru the BEATLE’S song writing Minefield! This is tricky sruff for me when sorting out Beatle creative here I go:
    L & McC tunes: “BLACK BIRD” on Beatles (White Album), “JULIA” on Beatles (White Album),”BIRTHDAY” on Beatles (White Album), “BECAUSE” on Abby Road, “REVOLUTION” 9,1, on Beatles (White Album) note: may be (two words????), “RAIN” (single with “Paper Back Writer” on flip side) & Later on Yesterday & Today, “MICHELLE” on Rubber Soul, “GIRL” on Rubber Soul, “WAIT” on Rubber Soul, “MISERY”, on
    Introducing the Beatles, “HELP” on Help, “YESTERDAY” on Help.
    George’s writing: “TAXMAN” on Revolver, “PIGGIES” on Beatles (White Album, “SOMETHING” on Abby Road.
    There’s probably more, sooo much material!!!

  2. I recall Frank Sinatra commenting that “Something (Harrison) was the best song Lennon McCartney ever wrote.
    Still laughing…

  3. L/McC tunes
    Because. Abbey Road
    Birthday White Album
    Blackbird. White Album
    Girl Rubber Soul
    Rain single only
    Good Bye. Abbey Road 50th
    Help. Help
    Julia White Album

    GH tunes
    Circles White Album 50th
    Piggies White Album
    Taxman Revolver

    YES!! Have a terrific week!!

    • Hey Mr. C!
      Fantastic jod (Natch) But…What is “Goodbye” and “Circles” ?
      Thanx and well done!

      • I recall Frank Sinatra commenting that “Something (Harrison) was the best song Lennon McCartney ever wrote.
        Still laughing…

        A couple of tunes that landed on the 50th Anniversary release of the White Album.

  4. 1. Wait, 2. Rain, 3. Goodnight (1 word?), 4. Yesterday, 5. Julia, 6. Piggies
    2. 1. Something, 2.

    Sorry, drawing a blank on rest.

  5. Hey Big Brother,
    Here’s what I’ve got:
    1) Yesterday, Help!, Girl, Michelle, Julia, Misery
    2) Taxman, Piggies, Something
    How’d I do?
    Your sis,

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