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As “Earth, Wind and Fire” once sang, “Do you remember, dancing in September” Well, now’s Your chance, cuz it’s Trivia Tuesday for Sept. 4th.

BUT FIRST, Our usual giant congratulations go out to the loyal readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was ; Name the original 5 Beach Boys, and 5 BB titles that included the word “Surf” in the title ? AND, the correct answer is, The Wilson Bros, Brian, Carl and Dennis, cousin Mike Love and their High School chum, Al Jardine ! The 5 “Surf” songs included “Surfin” “Surfin Safari” “Surfer Girl” “Surfers Rule” and “Surfs Up

Fast Freddy Vogel was in First with the correct answers on all fronts, Ron Wood dropped in with all five Beach Boys, But could only name 4 outta 5 “Surf” hits, so “Woody” (what a perfect name for this question ) takes the “Silver for this week ! And, credit also goes out to Denise Shoemaker for showing up, but throwing in the towel, cuz Fast Freddy Vogel was just too FAST ! With the right answer !

As always “Heavy”  SMS congrats to one and all !


But now, here’s this weeks question : Give us the names of the five members of the Legenday L.A.  band, “Buffalo Springfield”, pictured below ! Plus, three of their hit’s  and lastly, at least 5  successful bands they would individually ( except the drummer ) go on to  form in the late 60’s and early 70’s ?

Look carefully ar the picture, especially, THE BASS PLAYER !








  1. The summer of 66 was my grad yr from H.S.,had my 1st (running) car and yea an “8-Track”! I remember like yesterday what music I was obsessed on and Buffalo Sprinfield was on the top of the list! I have a good memory of seeing them live but I am fuzzy on the venue!? The family tree created by this ban is astounding and IS STILL MORPHING AND EVOLVING!
    Steven Stills with CS&N and CSN&Y! MANASSES is super too and earlier don’t forget ” Super Sessions! POCO with Richie Furay and I still keep up with Richie and the various boys on U-TUBE! Jimmy Messina (very close to the “SHOE’S” very own career! Mr. Neil Young WOW — ALL the GREAT SOLO ALBUMS and countless appearances of ALL THESE greats I cannot count! Neil’s “CRAZY HOURSE” work is spine tingling! Bass player Bruce Palmer (I’m STILL STIDYING THE PICTURE and admit I haven’t seen the object of your clue yet??!! Drummer Dewy Martin (created of unusual guitar tunings) which I admit I have not studied but will.
    This band DOESN’T HAVE A SONG I DON’T LIKE but early releases Spinning in my brain ate “CLANCY”, MR. SOUL, BROKEN ARROW, BLUEBIRD, FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH”, “ROCK AND ROLL WOMAN”, “KIND WOMAN”, ” EXPECTING TO FLY”. AND of course I’m hooked on the whole evolution of the careers and imagination of all these super artists!
    the wood
    P.S. I am slowly plodding away to continue to collect ALL THE CREATIONS coming from this astounding proginity.

    • Hey Wood,
      Wow, we love it when you go deep! But, you said two things that really got our attention, first re; Buffalo Springfield “ They didn’t have a song I didn’t like! Amen my brother! And I’m gonna bet you saw them at The Hullabaloo Club in Hollywood. Furthermore, I recall you and I seeing Loggin and Messina a few times, at least once at The Sports Arena and on another occasion we took a road trip up to Oakland where Boz Scaggs opened the show!
      Lastly, to your point, I can’t think of another band with such a profound family tree as “The Springfield !
      Thanx Woody,
      P.S. Don’t forget the Southern, Hillman and Furay Band !
      Shoe again

  2. Question..whats your threshold for “hit” song? Top 40, 20, 10?
    Buffalo Spngfld didnt chart too well nationally, they were incredibly influential and forward looking, esp. among musicians but they didnt really burn up the Moby Grape in a way.
    Thnxx mc

    • Hey Mark,
      Another great question and the truth is, for the sake of brevity and we just can’t come up with a more precise word we know we tend to be a bit generous and vague by using the word “Hit” as frequently as we do, and your right, one man’s definition of “Hit” can be widely different than another’s! In most cases we think it’s use is clear and appropriate, but as you pointed out, NOT SO when it comes to Buffalo Springfield. Although we believe that at the very least “For What It’s Worth “ and “Bluebird” fit the category of a “Hit” which is why we only asked for three titles !
      But, your point is valid, next time we’ll definitely be more specific.
      Moby Grape BTW Good call and one of our all time favorites ! You’re right, as great as they were they didn’t burn up the charts, except, maybe for “Omaha ? Whaddya think ?
      Thanx Mark, you always keep us thinkin’

      • Love Moby Grape but one of the reasons they didn’t chart is that their label released 5 singles from their 1st album all at once. The first band I was in just out of high school played Omaha. Crowd would go wild when we did. MG never got the acclaim they deserved.

          • Hey Fred,
            One more Moby fact! Do you know the origin of their name? It is the punchline to a joke the band liked.
            The joke goes something like this. “What’s purple and swims? MOBY GRAPE!

        • Hey Steve,
          First and foremost, the more we talk, the more I wish I could have seen your band! What was their name ?
          Meanwhile, We recall when Columbia released those multiple singles, as we were huge fans of “The Grape” we thought that was really cool! But, obviously we were young and stupid!
          However, Columbia flooding the market wasn’t the only problem, the band suffered from horrible in-fighting and huge contractual and management problems that made The Beatles problems look like child’s play! The band also had to struggle with serious mental illness among a couple of the members plus, multiple legal actions and mis-deeds involving underaged girls. Never the less their debut L.P. Was on permanent rotation on all our record players! For us they were THEE GREATEST BAND to come out of the Bay Area
          Thanx Steve, any old recordings of you guys doing “Omaha” or “Hey Grandma”?

  3. WITHOUT WIKI! Off top of head, neil young, stephen stills, dewey martin, jim messina and richie furay…for what its worth,,,bluebird…rock&roll woman…broken arrow…four days gone…sit down i think i love you..expecting to fly…these were done with and without messina…
    Poco..CS&N, Loggins and Messina, Manassas, Souther,Hillman and Furay, CSN and Young..

    I dont get up early enuff to “win” these things..I wonder how many peeps just go to wiki and get the answers in 5 minutes? Thats an open book test, i want no part of that! so i have more fun relying on my memory alone, i hope a lot of your folks feel the same way, cuz theres no way of knowing who does what…thnxx mc

    • Hey Mark,
      Really appreciate your input on the Trivia Question ! You’re right it kinda is like an open book test. We like to believe everyone is only using their personal knowledge and agree, “Where’s the fun and satisfaction if all your doing is “Googleing” The Question”.
      BUT, what really bugs us most is when it’s obvious the answer was literally cut and pasted straight outta Wiki ! When we spot those, we block them !
      Meanwhile, as to how early you wake up, can’t help ya there ! We’re thrilled we have a global audience, but realize that messes with a truly fair competition. SMS is based in L.A. ( pacific daylight time ) and, now that you’re a regular reader here’s a Sixties Music Secrets, SECRET. We usually post the trivia question between 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning !
      Thanx for your insightful input Mark ! Please set your alarm accordingly next Tuesday and tackle the question over your first cuppa Joe !

  4. Would have responded sooner but was having fish and chips at Harrods in London

    Original members are Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Neil Young, Dewey Martin and Bruce Palmer (replaced by Jim Messina, pictured).

    Bands are:

    Crosby Stills and Nash

    Crosby Stills Nash and Young

    Poco (Furay and Messina)

    Manassas (Stills and ex Byrd/Burrito Chris Hillman)

    Souther Hillman Furay Band (Chris Hillman again with JD Souther, formerly of Longbranch Pennywhistle with future Eagle Glenn Frey)

    Stills Young Band

    For extra credit, after Poco, Messina went on to form Loggins and Messina

    Young performed regularly with Crazy Horse and Promise of the Real ( with Lucas Nelson) but was not a formal member of either band.

    • Hey Steve…..As usual, in early with more GREAT stuff than we even asked for !
      However, you didn’t include any hit song titles, we still need three of those. But, take your time, we want you to enjoy those Fish and Chips, at Harrods no less ! Gotta be at least a week’s pay ?
      Thanx Steve, I think you got a little grease on your shirt !

    • Sorry, forgot to list their hits.

      For What It’s Worth
      Mr. Soul
      Rock and Roll Woman
      Kind Woman
      Questions (later included in CSNYs Carry On)

  5. Neil Young, Bruce Palmer (with his back to the audience), Stephen Stills, Dewey Martin, and Richie Furay.
    Bands including CSN, CSN&Y, Poco, Souther Hillman Furay Band, Manassas.
    Songs included Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing, For What It’s Worth, Bluebird, etc., etc.

    • Hey Fred,
      First one in ! But, check your answer, we’re looking for the names of the members pictured in the photo at the bottom of the post !
      Who’s the guy Second from the left ? Have at it !

        • Hey Fred,
          Yep ! Jim Messina was the name we were looking for, adding Loggins and Messina to a long list of huge bands tha all have one thing in common, they’re all connected to Buffalo Springfield !
          Hard to think of another young band that spawned so much great music and so many Superstars !
          Thanx Fred for contributing to the conversation !

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