The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 4/20

Yes, it’s Trivia Tuesday for April 20th! Brought to us each Tuesday by all the Groovey people at Omnivore Recordings!  Your first and last stop for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But! Before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to acknowledge all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks quiz! Which was: all about the real life family band and occasionally guilty pleasure The Cowsills! We’re not quite sure what, if anything this says about The Cowsills, but only two readers showed up for the quiz,  with Mr. Clark Besch being first in but didn’t completely answer the question! Mr. Jeffery Conroy was next in earning him the dubious honor of being the singular reader to correctly answer last weeks quiz! Very impressive Jeff ( or something like that!)

But now! It’s time for this weeks new Trivia Question for the week: In the early 1960’s, Television was still languishing in it’s “Golden Age” while popular music was about to reach it’s Zenith! Making the merging of the two mediums simply inevitable with the results proving always interesting but more frequently, just simply laughable! Sooo Here’s how this weeks Trivia Quiz works: We’ll give you the title to a popular prime time T.V. Program from the Sixties and you give us the name of the star or cast member who branched off into the record business and  the title to at least one song they had a hit with ?

Here are six of our “Prime Time” favorites:

1) “Bonanza”  Which actor from this beautifully shot series entered the record Biz and had a hit whose title was something we were all a fan of! Whose the actor and what was the songs title ?

2) “The Rifleman” which co-star from this dramatic Western had a couple hits, whose the actor, and give us the title to at least one of his hits ?

3) “The Donna Reed Show” Give us the names of the TWO Co- Stars who each scored hits and of course the titles of the two hits ? Additionally give us the name of a regular guest on the show who debuted his new record on the program and it’s title ?

4) “77 Sunset Strip” Warner Bros. Initial foray into “Private Detective series’ featuring handsome hip young actors and their beautiful female clients! Which handsome hip actor/ co-star had one hit, who was he and what was the song’s title ?

5) “Hawaiian Eye”  Another entry in the successful W B Private Detective series set in Hawaii, which popular female co- star used her role in Hawaiian Eye to kick start her singing career, give us at least one title that hit the charts ?

6) “Star Trek” During “Their five year mission” which two unlikely co-stars enter the “Strange new world” of the record Biz ! What are the actors names and give us the titles to at least one minor hit from each actor ? AND SMS “Super Genius status for any reader that can give us the titles of the albums each actor released ?

So! While you rifle thru your old dog ear’d copies of T.V. Guide, click on the link just below and check out Omnivore Recordings HomePage and pick up some of the greatest music in the known world and beyond!


Remember, you can play the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!…



  1. Okay it’s Father’s Day. I thought I would like to post something, and again tried to shoe-horn it in here somewhere. I looked back a some of the trivia contests and found one where one of the answers was “The Donna Reed Show”, so here it is:

    • Hey Ed,
      I think So, I didn’t know Pernel Robert’s enjoyed a recording career! Did he ever perform the song on Bonanza?
      To tell the truth we were looking for Lorne Green and his hit “Ringo” Remember that one?
      Thanx for clearing things up!

  2. During Roberts’ Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
    Johnny Crawford “Cindy’s Birthday”
    Paul Peterson “My Dad,” “Keep Your Love Locked,” “Lollipops and Roses,” and “She Can’t Find Her Keys,” while Shelley Fabares recorded a #1 hit named “Johnny Angel.”
    Edd Byrnes, who played cool kid Kookie ,KOOKIE KOOKIE (lend me your comb)
    Connie Stevens Sixteen Reasons
    William Shantner – the transformed man – Lucy in the sky with diamonds – seeking major tom
    Lenored Nimoy – “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” and “Highly Illogical”
    Nichelle Nichols Down to earth , Out of this world – Lady is a tramp

      • Hey Steve,
        Here’s a further “Fun Fact about “Kookie, lend me your comb…The B side was the same recording as the A side, EXCEPT it didn’t include Connie Steven’s vocal track. The idea being, if, you were so inclined, you could sing along with Kookie on the duet. I only know this because I bought “Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb” I didn’t necessarily want to do a “Duet” with Kookie, so to speak, but 77 Sunset Strip was my favorite show on T.V. And I thought the “Kookie” character was the coolest guy on T.V. Was that “Too much information” ?
        Thanx Steve,

    • Hey Ed,
      Whoo! You more than nailed it!
      However we have a question, what do you mean with the comment… “ During Robert’s Come all ye Fair and Tender Ladies” ?
      I assume that it’s some kind of “Rifleman” reference?
      Great to see you back in stride my old friend!

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