The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 4/21

Yes, indeed it’s Trivia Tuesday for April Twenty First! Brought to us each week by the “Groove-a-licious” Folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your ultimate destination for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However before we get to this weeks quiz, we’d like to recognize the absolute geniuses who correctly answered last weeks question, which was an “Anagram” Heckling Perturbed Men,”  actually unscrambles to reveal: Engelbert  Humperdinck! Yes it does! First in with the correct answer was a new reader Randy Greenham!  Way to go Randy and welcome to SMS! Next in with all the right answers is VERY LONG TIME READER John Zambetti! As always, great job John!

But Now, it’s time for this week’s new Trivia Quiz! And it’s all about the lyric from a 60’s Classic!  Here’s your lyric: “My love is deep for this Mexican Maiden, I am in love but in vain I can tell”  So! Tell us the title of this great song from the early sixties that features this lyric ? Tell us the name of the artist who originally recorded it ? Next tell us who wrote this great song ? And lastly, give the titles to at least two more hits by this great artist?

In summary, here’s what we need

1) What is the title of the song that features the lyric we sighted above?

2) Who is the artist that recorded this classic tune ?

3) What is the name of the songwriter who wrote this incredible song ?

4) Lastly, give us at least two more hit titles from this great singer ?

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Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia quiz as often as you like, but can only win a cool Omnivore CD every 30 days!


  1. Oh, and NO I was not a Humperdinker! You have known me long enough, what over 40 years and counting, to know that LOL

  2. I get the fact that the Grateful Dead sang El Paso in 1977, not in the 60’s but here is a video of them singing the song

    • Hey Jules,
      Wow, that’s incredible! Honestly I have never heard “The Dead” perform “El Paso” till now! Thank You! Thru the years I’ve admired The Grateful Dead for a number of reasons, not the least of which is, when other bands would catch an audience member secretly recording one of their live shows, the tape would be confiscated and the guilty audience member was thrown out! But not with The Grateful Dead, No! They openly encouraged fans to tape their shows! Including roping off specific areas in front of the stage specifically for “Tapers” as they called them!…”God Bless The Grateful Dead”
      Thanx Jules!

    • Hey Ed,
      Always great to see you here! Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why not got to Venice on Monday, or Wednesday or either of the other 4 options? Ant day except “Trivia Tuesday” Whaddya say big guy?

  3. Song title. El Paso. Marty Robbins singer. Marty Robbins wrote it. Also sang big iron. And. White sport coat.

    • Hey Randy,
      First, I’d like to welcome you to Sixties Music Secrets! You nailed this weeks question and missed being the first one in by a mere Six Minutes! Way to go Randy, and we look forward to you joining in the on going commentary!
      Don’t be a stranger
      Rick Shoemaker / SMS

  4. El Paso
    The Grateful Dead
    Marty Robbins wrote the song
    Other hits from Marty Robbins are “Streets of Loredo” and “Devil Woman”

    • Hey Jules…First in! Once again! However you threw us with “The Grateful Dead” I don’t recall those guys covering El Paso back in the Sixties! If you read our question we did say “Who Originally recorded “El Paso” which as I’m sure you know was Marty Robbins! But, we’re gonna guess you are a “Dead Head” and you may have one of the Thousands of live recordings the Dead is known for! So fess up, You’re a Dead Head…RIGHT?….All these years, I never knew! What else are you hiding? Are you a “Humperdincker” as well? ( Humperdincker’s is what Engelbert called his female fans)
      Always love your input!

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