The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 4/23

Heck yeah! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Tuesday April 23rd! And once more it’s brought to us all due to the kind generosity of our Fab Friends at Omnivore Recordings The Coolest Place In The Universe, offering only the tastiest music on the planet!

But, before we get to this week’s question we’d like to recognize the truly brilliant readers who answered last week’s question, which was: “Which Beatle’s song features the lads simulating the sound of taking a long hit on a joint?” The answer is “Girl” from the album “Rubber Soul”  First In was Rob from deep in the heart of Boerne Texas! Although he was first in Rob didn’t  correctly answer our question! Sorry Brutha, but the next question is just a few clicks away, BUT! Next In was Fast Freddy Vogel  Nailing all parts of the question correctly! WAY TO GO Fred! Ron Wood also dropped by, as well as our old friend Curtis Stone from way out in White House Tenn. And that makes Curtis this week’s winner of a very cool Omnivore CD! YAAAAAYE Curtis!

But now it’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question: This week’s question will focus on “Nom de Plumes” / Aliases ( or, for the sake of this week’s question “Fake or Assumed Names, used by artists when appearing on someone else’s record )  Usually for contractile reasons

So, here are your three “Aliases “ or “Fake and assumed names”

1) L’Angelo Misterioso

2) Dr. Winston O’Boogie

3) Apollo C. Vermouth

Soooo, Give us the real names of these three very popular and talented Gents?   And Give us the titles to each of the three classic songs each artist is credited with performing on ?

Th Th Th That’s all Folks!

And as we so like to do each week! Just below is a link to Omnivore Recordings Homepage… Check it out and grab some very Groovey Music


Remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every two weeks!



  1. Gotta admit I am totally baffled over these three aliases. So I had to research first but I don’t want to give away the ending. But I have a question re. one of the names: it seems that one of the middle names also applied into the alias is “Ono”. And appears to be incorporated during the sixties. Was this a shout out to “Yoko”?

    • Hey Woody,
      Good catch, and your right, back in those days John was smitten with all things ONO!!
      So we’re not surprised that he included an “O” in his Nom de Plume! After just legally changing his name to John Winston Ono Lennon!
      Personally we’ve Always referred to her as Yoko “Oh No”!
      Thanx Wood for always showing up and making us think!…
      And to answer your question, YES! Back in those days everything John did was a “Shout Out” to Yoko

  2. 1 George Harrison on Badge by Cream

    2John Lennon on Whatever Gets You Through The Night by Elton John

    3. Paul Mc Cartney on I’m The Urban Spaceman by The Bonzo Dog Band

    • Hey Steve,
      As usual you’re first in, and correctly identified all three “Nom de Plumes” However, regarding Dr. Winston O’Boogie, He appears on Elton’s version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”
      And yes your reference to “Whatever Gets You Yhru The Night is a John Lennon song Featuring Elton John! But it was “Lucy” we were looking for!
      Thank you, Mr. W.

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