The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 4/7

Yes indeed it is Trivia Tuesday for April 7th. Brought to us by all the groovey people at Omnivore Recordings!  Your next stop for all the best music you never knew, you never knew! BUT! Before we get to this week’s question we’d like to recognize THE ONE AND ONLY reader to weigh in and answer last weeks question! Yep, “Only One Reader! And, the obviously difficult question was: We asked you which classic Beatle record included brief musical references to at least three other well know compositions? The answer is: “All You Need Is Love” includes musical references to 1) The French National Anthem, 2) Greensleeves and 3) In The Mood Yep! And the only reader in the known world to answer last weeks question correctly was Larry in Munich!…Way to go Larry! And you’re the only one! But a handsome guy like you has probably heard that plenty of times! And we believe this is the third week in a row! HELL YEAH Mr. Larry!

But now! It’s time for this week’s new Trivia Quiz!  and this week it’s all about the lyrics!  Here is the opening line of lyric to a  Top 40  smash from 1961:  “I punched my buddy in the nose after lunch” Give us the title of the song that features this lyric ? Give us the name of the artist who recorded this classic hit ? Next, give us the titles to at least two more hits from this artist ? And to achieve SMS Super Genius status Give us this artist’s REAL Last name ?

So, in summary, here’s what we need

1) Give us the title of the song that includes the lyric we quoted just above?

2) Give us the name of the artist who recorded this great 60’s smash?

3) Give us the titles to at least two more hits from this artist?

4) Give us this artist’s real last name?

Here’s a helpful SMS HINT…You’re doing this right now!

Lastly, as you’re humming some old tune and trying to make our lyric fit, why not click on the link to Omnivore Recording’s Home Page  just below and pickup some new and very cool music!



Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia quiz as often as you like, but can only win a very cool Omnivore CD every 30 days…


  1. Hey Rick….,.don’t know much about history….But I do know I love your show——-….and think of you often. I hope all is well . For a while there, we were the king rehearsal hall rats. Some crazy times. Jason was a ‘born again’ in Texas last I knew. What’s up, not counting the world we live in now. Best-Kim

    • Hey Kim,
      “The Traveling Nobody’s…Yeah Baby! I too recall those days often and I agree GREAT TIMES! I haven’t talked with Steve Moir in rears, Unfortunately! Life for me is pretty damn great except for the Fall out from this virus! Geeeze I’m do bored! How about you?
      Also, you said “I love your show” I assume your referring to the Website? Thank you very much! If restaurants ever open up again let’s grab lunch and really catch up!
      Much love my brother

  2. Stayin’ by Bobby Vee aka Robert Thomas Velline
    Rubber Ball
    Take Good Care of My Baby
    Devil or Angel
    Because Bobby sounded so much like Buddy Holly ( and was from nearby Fargo ND) he was recruited to replace Buddy Holly at the Winter Dance Party in Morehead MN after Buddy’s untimely death in a plane crash.
    btw- Bobby had an unusual guitarist in his band. A young Bobby Zimmerman (we know how he turned out) xo

      • Hey John, we wondered where the in went?
        btw, is there any truth to the rumor that Bobby Vee bought a hotel with his earning’s from “Stayin In”” He, of course, called the hotel “Bobby Vee’s “Stayin’ In Inn”
        I think that’s how the story goes!
        All my best…

    • Hey John,
      Great to see you and yeah quite an unusual pairing Bobby and “Elston Gunn” ( The name Mr. Zimmerman adopted in those times!
      And here’s a bit more insight to the unusual collaboration…. Elston actually played piano in Bobby V’s band AND he could only play in the key of “C” go figure?
      Always great when you drop by!

  3. Stayin’ In, Written by John D. Loudermilk. Great rhyme “He was sayin’ things that not true about her. So I let him have it in the cafeteri(er).”

    • Hey Billy,
      I’m with you! One of those rhyme’s that you looked forward to each time the song came on the radio!….. Great rhyme from a great songwriter. John D. Loudermilk rules!
      Thanx Billy G.

    • Hey Ed,
      First in with all the right answer’s! Obviously you ain’t gonna let no stinkin virus slow you down!
      Stay healthy!

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