The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ?,

Yep! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Sept. 11th ! A melancholy day in America, but perhaps we can lighten things up a bit with a bit of Trivia! But, before we get to today’s quiz, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in last week with their correct answers to last weeks quiz! And the question was; Name the five original members of  the legendary Quintet The Buffalo Springfield, pictured in a classic Pix we included! And what Super Groups the individual members would go on to form.  The correct answer was Dewey Martin, Jim Messina, Neil Young, Ritchie Furay and Steve Stils! Just a few of the great bands they’d go on to form include Poco, Crosby Stills and Nash, Crosby Stills Nash and Young,  Manassas, Loggins and Messina and a few more!

FIRST, rapid fire fingers Fred Vogel, first in before the sun was up or the ink was dry, But! Fred just barely misses one member in the pix WAY TO GO FRED, your Gold metal is just a bit tainted. BUT you certainly redeemed yourself later!

Second, Steve Winogradsky chimed in from London with a completely correct answer, while he was enjoying some Fish n Chips !

Third: Mark L. Chapman came by with the right answers and some good advice

Fourth: Ron Wood, of course dropped in with some great comments and big love for all these great bands!

Fifth: Denise Shoemaker dropped by, but got a bit thrown by our tricky hint about “The Bass Player.” Who, in the pix was Jimmy Messina. Hey Denise, we gotta admire your MOXIE for just tryin’

CONRATULATIONS to Lady and Gents, one and all !

BUT NOW, it’s time for this weeks question which is an Anagram with complications!

But you can manage it; Here’s your Anagram: Nutter Iran ?

There you have it and here’s what we need, The artist professional name we know and love them by? Their actual real / legal name and THREE hits they enjoyed before they went solo?

yes, this artist was part of a group or ensemble/ revue in the 60’s before they went solo! We need three song titles they did as part of the group?

HAVE AT IT! And you know what we say, “No hints, unless,”



    • Hey Denise,
      O.K. Now your just plain making us envious! However, please do come back and share your review of the show here at SMS!
      Looking forward to hearing all about it !

  1. Having nothing to do with tuesday quiz…Hi your site, a lot.your boudleaux bryant story is amazing.did he tell u that he was a follower of edgar cayce, “the sleeping prophet”? My first publisher was Dane Bryant, Dels little brother. He told me his dads work regime was basically napping on his couch, ledger book and pen at hand, ready to record what came to him in a dream not making this up. “All I Have to Do is Dream” was not an idle remark:)
    Thnxx for all u do, MC

    • Hey Mark,
      Thanx for your kind words about SMS and it’s great to have you as a regular contributor !
      Boudleaux Bryant, one of my favorite characters and songwriters! Del and Dane are great guys as well! I’m fortunate to have had more than a few talks with Beaudleaux, but no, he never mentioned Edgar Cayce, THAT, Mark is a great story, thanx for sharing!
      Ya know, I have always wondered if “Poor Jenny” was also Auto Biographical? Whaddya think?
      Thanx, yet again Mark!

  2. Way too late, cldnt get to my device until just now..tina turner..nutbush city limits..river deep mountain high..i know its gonna work out fine..proud mary..

    • Hey Mark,
      It’s never too late with the Tues. Trivia question! Furthermore at this point at 4:13 pacific daylight time NO ONE has weighed in with the exact full correct answers!
      In that regard, can you tell us Tina’s REAL NAME?
      Thanx Mark, you may nail it after all !

  3. Of course it is the Nut case Iranian leader !!! NOT. LOL !! Just kidding. Nutter Iran is the great Tina Turner with some her great hits Private Dancer , What’s Love Got to do With It , and one of my faves We Don’t Need Another Hero . That’s all for now . Groovy man and Out ! For sure. The IS !

    • Forgot to say who Tina’s real name was which is a weird one for her as far as I’m concerned . Anna Mae Bullock. Hope that is right ? Goorvy man . The IS

      • Hey Mr. Is,
        Too early in the game to say your right or not, however we’d like to know why you think her real name “is a weird one” ?

        • Well look at Tina Turner and then put that name with her ??? She does not look like an Anna Mae Bullock? Just saying. Groovy man .the IS

    • Hey Mr. Is,
      Great to see you, and your first remark made me laugh! Meanwhile back to the question. We still need three hits she had before she went solo AND what is her real name ?
      Hell, you got this even with half your brain tied behind you’re back !

      • Mr. Shoe , I just realized I told you 3 of Tina’s great hits when she was solo and you had asked for 3 of them before she went solo. I guess I was in some sort of fog or maybe the Twilight Zone..That’s it the Twilight Zone …LOL !!! # of her hits before she went solo goes as follows: “A Fool in Love” , “Proud Mary” and “RiverDeep-Mountain High” Yes I know others have already mentioned these , but I just needed to join the right answers and clear my Twilight Zone brain !!! LOL ! Groovy man ! the IS

    • Hey Fred,
      Please don’t throw in the towel yet, once again you were FIRST IN !
      Oops, gotta amend that, Steve Winogradsky was first in! But still, take your best shot!

  4. This would be the fabulous Tina Turner, real name Ella Mae Bullock, of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue.

    Hits are Proud Mary, Nutbush City Limits and River Deep Mountain High ( produced by Phil Spector)

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