The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week! 5/7

Yes! Once more it’s Trivia Tuesday for May 7th. Brought to us each Tuesday morning by the Fab Folks over at Omnivore Recordings. The coolest place in the Universe, offering only the tastiest music on the planet!

However, before we get to this week’s question we’d like to recognize the trivia lovin’ readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was an Anagram! “Plectra Icon” unscrambles to read Eric Clapton! ( But, you knew that! ) Zooming In fast and First was our very own SMS Slowhand Fred Vogel! Way to go “Fast Freddie” Followed closely by our “Buddy” Curtis Stone! But, this week’s winner of an Omnivore CD is our old friend Ron Wood From way down in Florida, not the other Ron Wood! Well done Woody, and enjoy the music!

But now! It’s time for this week’s question: This week our trivial focus is on the original “Brother Love” Yep! How well do you know the works of Neil Diamond ?Neil has sold over 100 Million records, and has had 38 songs hit the Billboard Charts! But, today we want to focus on the songs Neil wrote, but didn’t have a hit with!        Here’s what we need: Give us the titles of at least four (4) Neil Diamond songs that were recorded, released and made popular by someone other than Neil himself? And, additionally give us the names of the artists that popularized the four songs?

Meanwhile, just below we’ve included a link to Omnivore’s homepage. Give it a click and grab some of the coolest and hardest to find music in the world!


Remember you can you can answer the Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a cool Omnivore CD every two weeks!



  1. As I read this weeks question and saw that we are looking at Neil Diamond song covers The first tune to enter my head was a tune I have work decades to forget — it was played seemingly endlessly on the air waves and I got sooo tired of it [really did not like it the first time I heard it — it is UB40’s take on “RED RED WINE” … now playing over and over in my head..haha. The Monkeys did “I’M A BELIEVER”. Deep Purple did :KENTUCKY WOMAN”. And that is the extent of my knowledge.
    By the way I got a new song playing over and over in my head…it’s “PHOTOGRAPH” by our main man Ringo!!! love it ….. thank you BEATLE CHANNEL!
    ….the wood

    • Hey Wood,
      We totally hear you with regard to “Red Red Wine” by UB40…..Jeeze stop already!
      Conversely, thanx for placing “Photograph” in our collective minds! It wasn’t written by Neil Diamond but that’s O.K.
      btw “Photograph was written by George Harrison, with a little help from his friend, RINGO!
      Thanx Woody,

      • Never knew PHOTOGRAPH was written by George…great song. We also heard George on a couple of ELO tunes with Jeff Lynn of course. And before we realized it was George, Paulette and I were commenting that the tunes had a VERY MYSTIC BEATLE MIDDLE EAST VIBE!! We never knew! WOW…the woods

        • Hey “Woods”
          If you liked “Photograph, we’re gonna bet you also liked Ringo’s debut Solo single “It Don’t Come Easy” Which was also written and produced by George with an assist by Ringo on the writing! But here’s a piece of trivia we know you’re gonna love…That’s Stephen Stills playing piano on “It Don’t Come Easy” How ‘bout Dat?
          Peace and Love,

  2. I’m A Believer, The Monkees
    Kentucky Woman, Deep Purple
    Sunday and Me, Jay and the Americans
    Red, Red Wine, UB40

    • Hey Jules,
      First in! Way to go! However it seems that we’ll have to have your answer reviewed by our “trivial review board! As much as we love “Kentucky Woman” by Deep Purple, They didn’t record, release and originally popularise the song! A little over one year prior to Deep Purple’s version Neil recorded it and had a Top 20 hit single! But we’ll wait for the board to render their opinion. The list of artists that recorded Neil’s songs after HE released them is a mile long and that’s what it looks like we have here!
      Of course you can file an appeal!!
      Actually, we’d like to hear what our readers think! So Ladies and Gents, is Julie right, with including Deep Purple’s version of Kentucky Woman in her answer?
      ~ SMS

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