The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Yep! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Sept. 18th

But, first Things first!  We’d like to acknowledge the “Right On” readers who correctly answered last week’s question, which was an Anagram; Nutter Iran actually translates to, the incredible Tina Turner! Whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock!

Surprisingly, no one completely and correctly  answered the question upon first try, but here are the good folks who recovered and NAILED the question.  Mark L. Chapman scored, Steve Winogradsky recovered nicely and nailed it! Rick (aka Mr. Is) scrambled a bit but tackled it perfectly. As did Julie! Congratulations to this week’s FAB FOUR!

BUT NOW, here is this week’s question and this one is definitely designed to separate the Beatle Men from the Beatle Boys! As well as ( of course ) the Beatle Women from the Beatle Girls!


Here’s your question: Which Beatles album includes their legendary track “Carnival Of Light” and which Beatle(s) are credited with writing it!

No Beatle hints, unless you Beatle beg!
However, extra credit if you can identify the year it was recorded!


  1. I could not find this recording in any of my collections of Beatle releases. I listened to it and could not really “intuit” which Beatle or Beatles ate responsible for the creation. It truelt IS a far out art neuvo sound experience. Did ALL the BOYS contribute to it’s AdLib creation?
    the wood

    • Hey Wood,
      Sorry for any confusion, but the truth is, this week’s question re: “Carnival Of Light” IS a bit of a trick question! So, here’s the story, “Carnival Of Light is a 14 minute experimental piece that was recorded during the “Penny Lane” sessions! And much like “Revolution 9 it isn’t really a song, it’s more of a free form ad lib of instruments and sounds played by the four Beatles! Although it is the full band it was really Paul’s Project, and Paul has been battling the other three trying to get it released, but, to no avail! Regardless of Paul’s enthusiasm, John George and Ringo believed it was not worthy of release! To give you some idea as to how awful it is, even Yoko thought it shouldn’t be released! WHOA!
      Sooo, the answer to this week’s question is, “Carnival of Light” doesn’t appear on any Beatles album! In spite of Paul McCartneys continued persistence! And it was recorded in 1967…
      Meanwhile, sounds like you kinda liked it?
      As they say in England….”Horses for Courses”
      Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!

      • I can’t say that I’ve heard this before, but if I did I am not surprised I don’t remember it. The real thing that is puzzling me, and I’ve listened to it twice now to try to figure this out, is what about it was appealing to Paul. It is monotonous, but the Beatles have demonstrated that they can take monotonous and turn it into something really interesting; and that’s magic. This however is not that. It pains me to say this but it is like a joke that never gets to the punch line. And with that, I’ll vote with John, George and Ringo. Ctrl, Alt, Delete.

  2. I liked The Beatles, I grew up listening to their music, it pulled me through some sad and heavy times. George was always my and my mother”s favorite Beatle, ( she too was a Beatle fan ). He had so much charisma , intelligence and talent , it just naturally blended in with Lennon & McCartney”s. I”ve never believed he was a Quiet Beatles, if any, Ibelieve he was the one with the best sense of humor and the most respectfull one, compare to John. I felt George”s passing more than John”s . The main reason why he was also my mother”s favorite Beatle, is that when he grew his beard, he looked just like Jesus Christ. My mom watched his Concert for Bangladesh so many times just because he looked so Christly in there. I also believe he was the best musician of the 4, he learned to play the sitar.

    • Hey Tahn,
      First, Welcome to SMS, it’s great to have you join in the conversation about our favorite band of all time and we look forward to your further thoughts about all things musical from the 1960’s
      We’re with you Tahn, The Beatles got us thru some crazy times and provided us with some of our greatest times! And it’s always great to hear from someone who shares our passion and enthusiasm for the band. Furthermore, it’s unusual to hear someone come out so strong for George! We believe ( as you do ) the depth of his talent and contribution has never been fully appreciated!
      Especially standing next to John and Paul every night.
      Lastly, have you ever heard “Carnival Of Light”? We’d love to know what you think of this rare track. So, give it a listen and rejoin us here at SMS and share your further thoughts!
      Rick @ SMS


    Steve, “Doubt you?” Jeeze, the day I start doubting you will be the first sign of The Apocolypse! So, yeah Steve, of course I didn’t think that’d get by you! And since you mentioned Hank Marvin, we have to acknowledge their great bass player Jett Harris who was as famous for his “SCREAMS” as he was for his bass playing. You can hear Paul trying to replicate Jett’s scream on “Cry For A Shadow”
    Lastly, just the title of the song “Cry For a Shadow is an early indication of the Beatles clever wit with words!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah!
    Thanx Steve

  4. Written by Paul McCartney, it did not appear on any Beatles album, although Paul wanted to include it on “Anthology 2″. Written in 1967 for the project The Million Volt Light and Sound Rave”.

    • Hey Steve,
      As usual, you nailed this one and in record time! However, we’d like to raise a point! There is no question that thru the years all we’ve ever heard about “Carnival of Light” indicates that it was a Paul project, however I have seen writer credits that credit the song to Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey
      Paul would probably not agree, but, some historians credit the whole band!

      • If you recall, Flying ( on Magical Mystery Tour) was an instrumental credited to all 4. My guess is that the track in question, being an instrumental, might be credited the same way. But clearly a McCartney composition according to all I’ve read.

        Maybe my answer is correct with an asterisk?

        • Hey Steve,
          You raise an interesting point with your comparison to “Flying” However “Flying is not the only other instrumental in The Beatles canon of work! ( and by the way, we’re not including “Revolution numcer 9) However, from their very early days the band recorded an instrumental called “Cry For A Shadow.” An early song not credited to Paul singularly or the full band collectively. Sooooo, Mr. W. Can you tell us who’s credited with writing “Cry For A Shadow”? And for extra credit who’s playing drums on this great Beatle Instrumental?
          Thanx Steve,
          Beatle Rick

          • Why Rick, do you doubt me?(g). Cry for a Shadow was written by John and George and recorded when the Beatles were the backing band for Tony Sheridan. This was before Ringo joined the band, so Pete Best is on drums, one of the few recordings he play on. The “Shadow” is a reference to Cliff Richards’ band, The Shadows, featuring the great Hank Marvin on guitar.

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