The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week! 6 / 11

YEP! It’s Trivia Tuesday for June 11th! Brought to us each week by our friends at Omnivore Recordings The coolest place in the Universe, offering the tastiest music on planet Earth! However, before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who chimed in on last weeks question, which was: What was the title of Elton John’s FIRST album? And what is Elton’s real name? The answers are “Empty Sky” ( not “Elton John”  as many folks believe ) And his real name is Reginald Dwight. First in, like lightning,Fast Freddie Vogel…Yay Fred! Next in within seconds of Fred was Way Cool Curtis Stone! Way to go Curtis! Coming in as a close third was Rockin’ Ron Wood! Yay Woody! However, as Fred was last week’s winner, this week it’s Curtis Stone who wins this week’s cool Omnivore Recordings CD! Congratulations Curtis!

But now! It’s time for this week’s Trivia Question: The 60’s introduced us to every kind of musical aggregation imaginable, not the least of which were “Brother Acts” with The Everly Brothers and The Righteous Brothers topping the list. Ah, But there were many more, and this week our question is about many of those “Other Brother” acts! So, here we go, we’ll give you the name of the “Brother act” and you give us the name of at least one of their hits?

Brother act # 1) The Walker Bros?

Brother act # 2) The Isley Bros?

Brother act # 3) The Statler Bros?

Brother act # 4) The Chambers Bros?

In summary, we’ll need the titles to at least Four hit songs (one from each act) And, For Extra Credit: Tell us which of the acts listed above actually ARE BROTHERS?

Meanwhile, while you’re smothering in brotherly Love, click on the link to Omnivore Recordings homepage just below and browse thru the coolest music that you won’t find anywhere else!



Remember, you can answer the Trivia Quiz as often as you like but can only win an Omnivore CD once every two weeks!


  1. WOW!!! We grew up with soooo many brother, sister and family groups. I encountered them very early during my “FOLK” period…great fun! When I read your Brother band question the first true bro band that came to mind was “James and Bobby Purify”, but not on the list.
    The “Isley Brothers” ARE a true blood brother act. And their song “Who’s That Lady” is one of my big favs. The tone and melodies coming from the guitar at the intro and repeated throughout is SUPER! The “Statler Brothers” I must admit I know the least about. They have big name recognition with me but only ONE song comes to mind: “Flowers on the Wall”. The “Chambers Brothers” song “Time/Has Come Today” is fantastic. The Reverbing and Echoing all over the place of that Metronome like rhythm sound at the intro is unforgettable! The “Walker Brothers” di the great ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” is another I have never forgotten.
    And you got me musing on the a “what-if” like what if the “Beach Boys” actually decided on the “Beach Brothers”??? And we won’t forget the “Cowsills”!!
    Well Peace and Love always…wood

  2. Walker bros..the sun aint gonna shine anymore..NOT BROTHERS

    Isley bros..twist and shout..Brothers

    Chambers bros. Time has come today..Brothers

    Statler bros..watching Flowers on the wall..NOT brothers

  3. Well well well..walker bros-the sun aint gonna shine anymore, isley bros-twist and shout-staler bros-countin “flowers on the wall”..Chamber bros..TIME…or Time has come today. I saw the Chamber Bros in person twice, at the Cheatah on the pier in Santa Monica…It “Blew My Mind”. Their portion of the show was about 40-45 minutes. I think they played like 3 songs and played time for most of that 40 minutes…Awesome.

    • Hey Curtis,
      We gotta admit, we’re just A bit envious! We loved The Chambers Bros but never got to see them live! How great and we think you’re on the money as to the length of their classic “Time Has Come Today! The Columbia records officially edit for the single was 4 mins and 45 secs with a second “extended edit of 7 mins But, the album track ( which is the one we all loved ) was over 11 minutes long……”TIME” ! ! ! !
      Thanx so much Curtis!

  4. The Walker Brothers – “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” (kinda brothers)
    The Isley Brothers – “Shout” (brothers)
    The Statler Brothers – “Flowers on the Wall” (not brothers)
    The Chambers Brothers – “Time Has Come Today” (brothers)

    I read recently that one of the Walker ‘brothers’ had passed. He had changed his name to Walker.
    Also, it didn’t get much better than the long version of “Time Has Come Today”.

    • Hey Fred
      Yeah, The whole “Walker Bros. Thing has always confused me but. The bottom line is they really aren’t “ The Walker Bros”
      And we couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to The Chambers Bros and “Time Has Come Today”
      Thanx Fred,

  5. 1 The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore. Not brothers

    2 It’s Your Thing. Brothers

    3 Flowers On The Wall. Not brothers

    4 Time Has Come Today. Brothers

    • Hey Steve!
      As you do so well… First in with all the correct answers!
      Great to see you again!

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