The SMS Trivia Question of the week 6/23

eh, What’s up Doc?  It’s Trivia Tuesday for June 23rd” Brought to us each week by all the “Looney Toonies” at Omnivore Recordings! Your first and last stop for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know and more! But! Before we get to this week’s nostalgic Trivia Quiz, we’d like to acknowledge the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was: We asked several questions about the C S & N classic “Marrakesh Express using lyrical excerpts as clues! First in as the sun was setting on Morocco  was fast Freddy Vogel! Great to have you back in the game Fred! Next in was jumpin Jim Gorman! who only”almost” answered all of the question’s, but didn’t resort to Wikipedia, so SMS Hats off to James! Last up was a serious student of C,  S and N  Mr. Ron Wood who of course nailed the question, PLUS! He explained some of the Gibberish we hear from David Crosby in the opening of the song Thank you Woody!

But now! It’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question: For all of us here at SMS one of our fondest memories going back to the 50’s thru the 60’s is…
Saturday Morning Cartoons !  Yessir!  “Me and Baby Brother” Robbie, sitting cross legged in front of the T.V. While our mom cooked up Bacon and Pancakes heavily laden with “Aunt Jemima’s” real maple syrup! Mmm Mmm!  Ah but we digress. We all have our cartoon favorites but for Robbie and me nothing was as good as the Warner Bros one two punch of “Looney Tunes” and “Merrie Melodies” between these two series they featured every classic Warner Bros. Cartoon character from Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird, to Wile E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam!

These Classic “Toons, created during the golden age of Animation 1928 thru the late 60’s were the best part of “Saturday Morning Cartoons.” But, to our point, both “Looney Tunes” and “Merrie Melodies enjoyed great opening and closing musical themes and like the cartoons they were energized, comical, unpredictable, and full of all the “Whiz bang craziness you see in the cartoons! One was an original composition written specifically for the series and the other was an incredible arrangement of a popular song. Both pieces of music had titles and THAT is today’s question. What are the titles of the two songs that served as the opening and closing themes to the Looney Tunes and “Merrie Melodies” cartoon series?

And lastly, to achieve SMS Super Genius status: What is the name of the legendary character actor who contributed the voice of Bugs Bunny and several other classic WB cartoon character voices?

In Summary, here’s what we need:

1) The titles to the opening and closing themes of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Cartoons?

2) What character actor created the voices for Bugs Benny and several other WB cartoon character voices?

3) “Th th th That’s All Folks!

But wait: to help jog your memory and take a stroll down memory lane, here are both themes!

What are their titles?

Wrapping up this weeks quiz, we’ve included a link to Omnivore Recordings  HomePage,  browse thru the coolest music in the known world? Give it a click, Doc!



  1. Saturday mornings WAS the best of times in the 50’s and 60’s! Bugs and friends were vocalized by Mel Blanc.
    I do not know the title of the Theme music in question. But just reading the question I could hear the music! It cannot be forgotten!
    My earliest memory seem to be “HOWDY DOODY”, GABBY HAYES (Puffed Rice Shot From Guns), Mighty Mouse, and my — to this day– fave is “ROCKY & BULKWINKLE & FRIENDS! But NO DOUBT we WERE never lacking for great entertainment as kids!!

  2. Merry Melodies – “Merrily We Roll Along”; Looney Toons – “The Merry Go Round Broke Down”; and Bugs Bunny & others were voiced by the immortal Mel Blanc.

    • Hey Mary Rn
      Yes! You absolutely nailed this weeks Trivia Question! But more importantly, we’d like to welcome you to Sixties Music Secrets! We hope you come back and join in the on going conversations…
      Please, don’t be a stranger Mary!
      Rick Shoemaker / SMS

    • Hey Curtis!
      Yeah you got both theme titles correct and of course the amazing Me Blanc! Also did you ever notice that in both the arrangements of “The Merry Go Round Broke Down” and “Merrily We Roll Along” they both open with a chord from a Peddle Steel?
      Click on the link I included in the question and you’ll hear it!

  3. Hey Brother I sure enjoyed those Saturday morning’s together. I still sit crossed legged on the floor and enjoy those cartoons but now its with my grand kids.
    Love ya and hope to see you in August

    • Hey little brother,
      Grand Kids? That can’t be, you’re only Seven years old! Or did I miss something?
      Big Brother Love…

  4. The merry go round broke down?…mel blanc was the voice..suffering succotash!!!…

  5. Since it’s always nice to be one of the first in (even with an incomplete answer cuz it’s off the top of my head) here goes: ”The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” was the Looney Tunes theme and Mel Blanc did Bugs Bunny’s voice—along with dozens of other voices.

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