The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 6/4

Yes it is Trivia Tuesday for June 4th, brought to us each week by the Fab Folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your first destination for only the coolest music in the Universe!

However, before we get to this week’s question, we want to recognize the brilliant readers who correctly answered last week’s question, which was, an Anagram: “Hell Rotting Noses” actually unscrambles to become The Rolling Stones! But, many of you knew that! However, first in with the complete and correct answer was our old friend Steven Winogradsky, next, in a close second was Fast Freddie Vogel!  Well done and “Neck in Neck” gents. But right on both their heels was Rockin’ Ron Wood!  With the right answer and a bit more! But at the end or the  quiz, it’s Fast Fred Vogel that takes this weeks cool Omnivore Recordings CD! Way to go Fred!

But now, it’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question: This week in recognition of the new “Bio Flick “ Rocketman”This week’s question is all about  Elton John: Although Elton is considered a 70’s artist his FIRST album was released in 1969! What is the title of Elton’s debut album ? Additionally: What is Elton John’s real name? And, for Extra Credit, What is the title to the first single from the album?

Here’s a little SMS assist: The album had different release dates in the U.S. and the U.K. ! But, what we need is the title?

Lastly, while you’re considering this week’s question, why not click on the Omnivore Recordings link just below and browse the coolest record catalog on the planet Earth!





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  1. As I began reading this week’s puzzle I had to stop and take a deep breath because 1970 was perhaps THE most consequential moment of social/cultural/political and musical upheaval in this straight arrow, clean cut suburban non-controversial/non-political 20 year old. From 1970 onward I was a constantly culturally and politically rapidly evolving dude. My hippy days began over night! Hearing questions about Elton’s beginnings brought up a collage of albums, songs and interactions with Elton and those times. Albums floated all around my head as well as songs: they seemed to ALL come out at once. I confess I am clueless as to their order of appearance [they just all appeared to me at once! The fog of the 70’s had set in instantly. I was aware of the 1st album [?] “ELTON JOHN” with “Your Song”. There was my most remembered album “TUMBLEWEED CONNECTION” with “Country Comfort” and ‘Burn Down the Mission”; all such GREAT STUFF!! I ALSO ASSOCIATE “TUMBLEWEED CONNECTION” with actually seeing Elton at the Troubadour.. Big stuff here! I think I actually thought that that was his first or the first I EVER HEARD. Then it seemed in the middle of all this “MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER ” appeared! Now we had the great “Levon” and “Tiny Dancer” And as an aside – “Levon” coupled up with “MUSIC FROM BIG PINK”…but that’s another 70’s trippy story. So “TUMBLEWEED” I had always thought was the first because I became aware of Elton from my Troubadour experience. That was my first intro to Elton at that time. But maybe “ELTON JOHN” was the first. But I’m in over my head here!! ha ha

    • Hey Wood,
      Always great to hear what’s on your mind! And we agree “Tumbleweed Connection and Madman across the Water are our two favorites from Elton AND Bernie, plus we just have to include “Honky Chateau”
      I think we all agree that when it comes to Elton’s catalog, it’s an “Embarrassment Of riches”
      Thanx Woody!

  2. Thanks Rick. I always enjoyed the clean piano at the beginning of Skyline Pigeon.

    • Oh Yeah Fred,
      And then the great contrast of Elton’s voice resonating with that Grand Piano…”Turn me loose”
      Once again Fred, thanx for adding a little more “color” to the conversation

  3. A bit late, but I belive Fred is correct….first album 1969 Empty Sky released in UK…1975 Released in US. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the single was…and I don’t know if that was released in US or not. I would like to know, though. Reginald Dwight. TUmble weed and Madman are my favorite albums. Also, for those who are wondering, our mentor, Rick here, plays a helluva piano intro to Bennie and the Jets.

    • Hey Curtis,
      Yeah “Fast Freddie Vogel is just that…..”Fast”
      However You did get the Question right, WELLDONE!
      And thanx for the kind compliment about my piano playing! I’ll try to take it with great humility! After all the intro to “Bennie” is TWO WHOLE CHORDS, played with great enthusiasm!
      Thanx Curtis
      R’R’R’ Rick

  4. Elton’s first album was Empty Sky.
    Real name: Reginald Dwight
    I believe Skyline Pigeon was the first single.

    • Hey Fred,
      No denying, Jeeze you are fast! And of course “Right on the money….INCLUDING the single!
      Yeah, we’re impressed
      See you next Tuesday!

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