The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

At last, it’s the first week of fall AND it’s Trivia Tuesday for Sept. 25th.

Here are the “Cool Cats” who weighed in on last weeks question which was; What Beatles album features their legendary track “Carnival of Light?” The answer is, this legendary 14 minute experiment of sound actually was never released! Yes, it’s an SMS trick question. Only one reader got it perfectly correct and he was, The Traveling Winogradsky himself STEVEN!

Way to rock Steve Wingradsky

However, SMS honorable  mentions go out to Ron Wood, Jim Gorman and a new-comer to SMS,  Tahn! Thanx one and all gentleman for dropping by and sharing your Beatle insights!

BUT NOW, It’s time for this week’s question, and this week it is “Lyrically oriented! So, let’s see how close you’ve been listening. The following lyric is from a classic SMASH from Feb. 1964: According to the song “The girls’ can’t stand her cuz she walks looks and drives like an Ace now”

Your question?  What else does she do?

Sooo, we need you to give us the next lyric line, give us the name of the song, and The Artist Who took the song to the Top 5

We know we’re going easy on you this week, so NO HINTS

But, you folks don’t need no stinking hints!  Do Ya?

( O.K. For extra credit what is the make and model car she drives )


  1. GREAT “CAR” SONG FROM THE BEACH BOYS!! It was not just surfin’ which was a 60’s hot craze but ALSO “HOT ROFS” TOO!! The song was FUN, FUN, FUN!! She also crused thru the hamberget stand, forgot all about the library, and she goes “cruising” AS FAST AS SHE CAN and as the song title states: she will have FUN, FUN, FUN!! AND she “made the Indy 500 look like a Roman Chariot Race.
    I think I remember no more! But I TEALLY WISHED I had a T-Bird in H.S.
    … wood

    • Hey Ron,
      Well, Hell, we think you covered just about EVERYTHING she ever did in that T-Bird!
      A very comprehensive answer my friend YOU NAILED IT!
      Thanx Woody

  2. Hi rick…where can we send comments about older posts? I have a great publishing story about boudleaux and george harrison, but it doesnt fit the trivia question thread…

    • Hey Mark,
      Well you’ve certainly grabbed our attention! A story about Boudleaux Bryant and George…..YEAH BABY!
      There are two older posts where your story could fit perfectly 1) “George The First” a post about George’s first trip to America WITHOUT the other three Beatles 2) “Poor Jenny” a post about Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and myself
      Just type in the name of either of those two posts in the SEARCH bar, hit search and the post should come right up, then scroll way down past the comments and you should see a “Leave a Reply box” Post your story there and the system will bring it to the top of the comments page!
      Really looking forward to this one!
      Thanx Mark

  3. She makes the indy 500 look like a Roman chairoto race now. Little deuce coupe. One of my favorites.
    Your little brother

    • Hey Buddha, always love it when you check in on things here! And you “Almost “ nailed it, you got thr lyric right ( the hardest part of the question ) But, the lyric is from “Fun, Fun, Fun”
      Sooooo, there’s another question next Tuesday, so, swing on by!
      Your bruddah

  4. Thanks for posting this lyric! I could never understand it. The line after the line after that, I think, is “all the guys try to catch her but she leads ’em on wild goose chase, now”. By the way, technically speaking, she probably didn’t drive that car any more! Would have loved to take my test in a T-Bird. A friend of mine had a red one, 1955 I think. So cool.

    • Hey Mr. Bigoshay
      You nailed, it and your right, technically speaking she surely didn’t drive that T-Bird anymore! After all, in fact According to the song, her daddy did indeed take her T-Bird away!
      Thanx Jack,

  5. Rum Raisin.
    The Beach Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun
    “She makes the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race now.”
    A Ford T-Bird (just like the car I passed my first driver’s test in).

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