The SMS Trivia Question of the week 7 / 12…

As my dear little old Italian Mama used to say, “Hot enough for you? ‘except she would say it in Italian! So it sounded a whole lot cooler!

But, you’re in luck cuz SMS is here with some very cool fact’s, fable’s and curious question’s from the 1960’s and more! Brought to us rain (we should be so lucky) or shine by all the truly cool folks over at Omnivore Recordings! Your “Special place” for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However, before we unleash our all new Trivia Quiz, we’d like to pause and recognize all the brilliant readers who showed up for last week’s question! Which was all about the one and only Spike Jones and his “City Slickers” with a tip of the hat to The Band! Only one brilliant reader showed up with all the correct answer’s. And ir you’re a long time reader this probably won’t surprise you YEP The charter member SMS Super Genius Mr. Steven Winogradsky, once again “knocked it outta da park”

Yet again Way to go Steve!

But now! It’s time for the new SMS Trivia Quiz for Tuesday July 12th! This week’s question is all about our favorite Man and Wife duo who took the music, film, T.V. And Fashion worlds by storm in 1965 and in short order sold over 40 million records in the early stage of an incredible career that included two feature film’s a T.V. Special and successful series! We had a Serious crush on Cher and even though Sonny “played the fool” we were in awe of his songwriting and production prowess! Just listen to the Snare Drum on “I Got You Babe” it’s like a cannon going off every six beats! We could go on about Sonny Bono’s records forever, certainly the results of being Phil Spector’s apprentice! Let’s begin by asking you to give us Sonny and Cher’s stage name before they became Sonny and Cher ? Next, Not including “I Got You Babe” Give us the title’s to at least four additional hits ? And in 1965 The Byrds and Cher each recorded and released an unknown Bob Dylan song, and yes, we’d like that title as well ? Lastly Cher enjoyed a massive solo career as well, we’d like the titles to at least four of Cher’s solo hits? Lastly, what is Cher’s last name ? Before becoming Mrs. Bono?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) What was Sonny and Cher’s stage name before settling on “Sonny and Cher ” ?

2) Excluding “I Got You Babe, Give us the titles to at least four additional hits by the duo ?

3) Cher enjoyed a massive solo career! Give us the titles to at least four of HER solo hits ?

4) In 1965 The Byrds and Cher both recorded and released an unknown Bob Dylan song, what is the title of this Dylan classic ?

5) What was Cher’s last name before becoming “Mrs. Bono” ?

While your searching thru your old “dog ear’d copies of “Tiger Beat,” Take a minute, click on the link below and !browse Omnivore Recording’s great catalog of the most awesome music in the known world and beyond!

Just for fun, let’s enjoy “I Got You Babe” one more time:



    • Hey J. C., Should I send you an alarm clock?
      No matter the outcome, always great to see you!

  1. Okay…. ceaser and cleo… Dylan song recorded by byrds and cher was “all I really want to do”..also an album title for Cher..S & C songs were, “The beat goes on”,”Baby don’t go”, “Laugh at Me” and “Then he kissed me”. Cher songs; “Believe”, “If I could turn back time”, “Half breed”, and “Gypsys tramps and thieves”… maiden name, Cherilyn Sarkasian… good choice to just use Cher.

  2. 1) Caesar and Cleo
    2) The Beat Goes On, Baby Don’t Go, Little Man, All I ever need is you
    3) Bang Bang, Believe, Half Breed, Gypsy’s Tramps and thieves
    4) All I ever need is you
    5) Sarkisian

    • Hey Paula!
      Yes! UOU Nailed it!
      However Clark Beasch beat you to first place by a mere 6 minutes!
      Nevertheless always great to see you at SMS!

  3. 1 Caesar and Cleo
    2. Beat Goes on, But Youre Mine, What Now my Love
    3. Where do you Go, Living in a House divided, bang bang, You better sit down kids
    4 All I Really want to do
    5 Cherilyn

    • Hey Clark!
      First in with all the right answers! Omnivore will be flying out a Cool C.D. A S A P
      Rick / SMS

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