The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 7/16

Wake up and good morning cuz it’s “Taco Tuesday”everywhere, plus here at Sixties Music Secrets, It’s “Trivia Tuesday for July 16th!  Brought to us each week by “The Cool People” at Omnivore Recordings, your absolute location for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!

But, before we get to this week’s question we want to recognize the very cool readers who answered last week’s question, which was: What Classic track from the late Sixties, makes reference to the following: “Colored cottons hanging in the air”: “Charming Snakes”: and “Striped Djellebra’s.? The correct answer is: “Marrakesh Express” from the album Crosby Stills and Nash! And the song was written by Graham Nash, back when he was still in The Hollies!

First in with the complete correct answer, plus a great story about Graham Nash, was our “Buddy” from White House Tennessee Curtis Stone! Way to go Curtis! With Steven Winogradsky right on his heels. John Zambetti chimed in, yet  missed the question, but, always great to see you Johnny Z! Plus our old friend Ron Wood dipped in and shared that he just bought his wife a “Striped Djellebra”….Hey Woody,  Thanx for sharing! Soooo, this week’s Groovey Omnivore CD goes out to ol’  Curtis in White House Tenn.

But now! It’s time for this week’s Trivia Question: Today’s Question is an Anagram with secondary and tertiary elements! First, here is your Anagram:  “Severely slip”…. Tell us who that unscrambles into? Tell us the first name of their wife and daughter? AND, tell us the name of their legendary manager?

And for Extra credit: Give us the titles to at least two titles, if possible, of their many hits that were either written or co-written by our Anagram?

So! In summary: Tell us who “Severely slip” is?.. The first names of their wife and daughter? AND tell us the name of their Manager? AND, if possible name two of their many hits that they wrote or co-wrote?

Lastly as you concentrate and unscramble, click on the Omnivore Homelink below and browse the Grooviest music catalogue in the Universe!



Remember, you can answer the Trivia Question as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every two weeks….Good luck!




  1. Its gotta be Elvis…Priscilla, Lisa… Colonel Tom Parker…Hunka Hunka of Burnin Love..In the Ghetto, written by Mac Davis…I do not believe Elvis ever wrote a song in his life. Rick, my dad told a story that years ago, (obviously) somebody sent a tape of Elvis to him and asked if he wanted to manage him. Dad passed and told the guy, “he’ll never make it”. Well..I think he always regretted that decision…DO YA THINK!!!!????

    • Hey Curtis!
      Love The Story ‘bout “Cliffie and The King!
      Hard to believe I’ve never heard that before, from one of you guys!
      Meanwhile, you of course nailed the question / Anagram! But this week Julie beat you to it!
      Ah but there is Tomorrow!….

  2. Elvis Presley
    Priscilla, wife
    Lisa Marie, daughter
    Colonel Tom Parker was his manager
    Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak Hotel were a couple of his hits however I don’t know of any songs he wrote or co-wrote

    • Hey Jules….YOU NAILED IT!
      Plus, You are unaware of any songs that he wrote or co-wrote because, Elvis wasn’t a songwriter! The Colonel pilled off some dealings where it appeared Elvis might have written something, BUT NO! Elvis never wrote a lick of music or any lyrics!
      Way to go Julie!

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