The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 7/23

Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 23rd. And this week, like every week it’s brought to us by the very groovey people over at Omnivore Recordings! Your number one location for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!

And before we get to this week’s question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who correctly answered last week’s question, which was an Anagram “Severely Slip” unscrambles to become… Elvis Presley! “Yeah, Unh hunh Hunh” The King!            Last week, many of you nailed our Anagram, including: Fast Freddie Vogel who was the very first in! Followed closely by Julie! who also correctly pointed out that Elvis didn’t write any of his hits! The original “Rock Doc. John Zambetti came by, correctly answered our question PLUS gave us another Anagram “Silvery Sleep” Which also unscrambles to YEP, Elvis Presley… Thanx Mr. Z. Lastly  our good buddy from “White House Tenn. Curtis Stone dropped by, correctly answered the question and shared a great story about his dad Cliffie Stone, a true Country Music legend. Thanx and congrats one and all!

But now, it’s time for this week’s “Little” Trivia Question: In The 60’s there were several artists who added the word “Little” to their stage name! A current example of what we’re looking for would be “Little Steven” ( Steven Van Zandt from Springsteen’s E Street band)  Sooooo, Here is what we need:  Give us the names of at least Four recording artist’s from the 60’s who added the word “Little” to their stage name in their early years! Additionally, Give us at least one title of one hit from each of the four artists

In Summary: We need the names of 4 artists from the 60’s who included the word “Little” in their stage name, and the titles of at least one hit from each of the four! AND, as you work on our “Little Question” Click On The link to Omnivore Recordings Homepage and browse the grooviest catalog on Earth!



 Remember you can answer the Trivia Question as often as you like but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every two weeks! Good luck…



  1. Again you have placed back into the SMS Holo-Deck and here I am like it was just yesterday standing on my ol’ JHS gym floor at the “Sock-Hop” enjoying the tunes from all the ‘Little” artists from our time! We:be got “LITTLE EVA” rockin’ out “Locomotion” and now here’s “LITTLE AMTHONY AND THE IMPERIALS” with ” Going Out Of My Head”, there’s rockin’ “LITTLE RICHARD” with “Kansas City” and along comes “LITTLE STEVIE WONDER” singing the great “Finger Tips”!!!
    No I never danced too much … Just listening and rocking away.
    What fun…Peace ALWAYS

  2. Little Stevie Wonder – “Fingertips Part 2”
    Little Eva – “Locomotion”
    Little Richard – (all the songs I remember from him were in the ’50s)
    Little Anthony and the Imperials – “Goin’ Out Of My Head”

    • Hey Fred,
      I can’t believe you’re the only one who mentioned Little Eva? She’s the first “Little” artist I think of but!….. Perhaps I’m Jaded!
      Good call Fred!
      However you are right, all of Little Richard’s hits were in the 50’s Sooooo got one more?
      Thanx as always for being a part of SMS
      Little Ricky?

      • The only other ‘little’ name I could come up with was Little Jimmy Dickens, but I don’t know any of his songs or even when he recorded them.

  3. Little Richard “Lucille”
    Little Stevie Wonder “Pretty Little Angel”
    Little Anthony (and The Imperials “Going Out of My Head”
    Little Willie John “I’m Shakin'”

    • Hey Jimmy!
      Sooo great to see you here in the SMS “Game Room!
      And gotta say, , including Little Stevie’s “Pretty Little Angel” is quite impressive! Mere Motrals have never heard that title! I’m sure!
      On the other hand “Lucille came out in the late 50’s! But!, on the other “Other hand, including Little Willie John is “Tres Cool”
      Thanx for Joinin’ Jimmy!

      • I assumed that “Lucille” came out in the early ’60s and we all know what happens when one assumes!

        • Nope…1958….
          But, if we were playing with Horse Shoes or Hand Grnades, you’d be good!

  4. Trivia
    Little Anthony Tears on My Pillow
    Little Eva Loco-Motion
    Little Anthony Tears on My Pillow
    Little Stevie Wonder Fingertips part 2

    • Hey Steve,
      Really good to see you here once more! However, take a look at your answer,you’ve listed Little Anthony’s “Tears on my pillow TWICE! Have you got one more Little artist from the 60’s?
      Thanx my old friend!

  5. Little Eva-Locomotion, Little Richard-Tutti Frutti, Little Anthony and the Imperials-Hurts So Bad, Little Stevie Wonder-Fingertips part 1 and 2.

  6. Little Walter..Juke
    Little Stevie Wonder..Fingertips
    Little Anthony (of the Imperials)..Tears on My Pillow
    Little Jimmy Dickens..Take an Old Cold Tater and Wait
    Little Richard..Lady Madonna cover? His big hits were in the 50s
    Little Milton..We’re Gonna Make It
    Little Willie John..Fever, Talk to Me,

    • Hey Mark!
      I do like your style YOU WENT DEEP! However re: Lady Madonna We believe you may be thinking of Fats’ Domino’s cover from 1968!
      Meanwhile after seeing your answers we just had to hear “Take an Old Cold Tater and Wait” Jeeze that’s a cool record!
      Thanx Mark….First In with all the right answers! (‘Cept for Lady Madonna) ?

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