The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 7/30 ( reprise)

Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 30th! And, once more, THANX to the very cool folks at Omnivore Recordings for making it happen each week! Omnivore is your first and last stop for all the music “You didn’t know, you didn’t know”

Meanwhile, before we get to this week’s question, we’d like to recognize all the Groovey folks who weighed in on last week’s question which was: We asked you to name four artists from the 60’s that included the word “Little” in their Stage Name? i.e. “Little Stevie Wonder”,  “Little Eva” etc. Weighing in first was Mark L.Chapman Who actually cited SIX “Little Artists”! Way to go Mark! But, not to far behind, we also heard from Curtis Stone, He got 3 outta 4 by including Little Richard, as many of you did! However, ALL of Little Richards hits  were in the 50’s! Next in was our old friend Steve Thomas, Who was close but included Little Anthony twice, So Steve missed it by one! Fred Vogel  and our old band mate Jim McDearman also weighed in but both of them fell prey to including Little Richard whose hits were in the 50’s! Lastly our friend down in FLA. Ron Wood,  nailed the quetion and more, but he was is a little late! Sooo,Big SMS Congrats and Thank You’s to all five of you dudes! But! Last week’s Groovey  Omnivore CD Goes out to Mark  L. Chapman! YAAAYE Mark!

But now! It’s time for this week’s question! And this week we’re reprising a question we ran about a year ago! We’re running the question a second time because we believe our poor wording of the original question confused many readers and the question and the quiz for that Tuesday suffered!  “our Bad” and “All Apologies! Sooooo, here’s your question: We want seven different songs from the 60’s that include a day of the week in it’s title! Seven different songs, where each one includes a different day of the week in it’s title!                                      But to be absolutely clear, here’s an exact breakdown:

1) Give us one song that includes MONDAY in the title ?

2) Give us one song that includes TUESDAY in the title?

3) Give us one song that includes WEDNESDAY in the title?

4) Give us one song that includes THURSDAY in the title?

5) Give us one song that includes FRIDAY in the title?

6) Give us one song that includes SATURDAY in the title?

7) Gives us one song that includes SUNDAY in the title?

Lastly, we’ll need you to also include the name of the artist who recorded the song (Seven Artists)

In Summary: Seven songs, Seven Days by Seven Artists! And lastly the songs you identify can be either singles or album cuts, they just  have to been released during the 1960’s…

P.S. Extra credit if you can identify the frustrated reader pictured above!!!

Meanwhile, while your deep thinking, check out the link to Omnivore Recordings Homepage (just below) and browse the best catalogue of music on the planet!



Remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Question as often as you like but can only win a GROOVEY Omnivore Recordings CD every two weeks!


  1. Friday Child by Nancy Sinatra? I believe this was 1966 but, hey, I could be wrong once again

    • WELL!
      There you are, YES!
      “Friday’s Cjild” by Frank’s little girl was one of the song’s I was hinting at in my reply to you of July 31 just below!…
      Way to go Jules, now, on to next Tuesday!

  2. I see others chiming in with Jersey Thursday by Donovan but the song just doesn’t ring a bell to me.

    • Hey Fred,
      It’s from one of his earlier albums called “Fairy Tale
      Take a listen! And remember…

    • We have some Donovan albums and a box set but no Jersey Thursday. I learned of this cut the first time we tried to solve this puzzle.

  3. I’m glad there are only 7 days to deal with here rather than 8 like the BEATLES said! Ha Ha!! But anyway: “SUNDAY Will Never Be The Same”, by Spanky & Our Gang, ” MONDAY MONDAY” by The Mom as & The Papas, “Ruby TUESDAY”, by The Rolling Stones, “WEDNESDAY Morning 3 AM, by Simon & Garfunkel, ” Jersey THURSDAY, by Donovan, “FRIDAY On My Mind”, by The Easy Beats, ” Another SATURDAY Night”, by Dam Cooke.
    The Frustrated Reader looks like Neil Young and Neil is frustrated with the state of sound recording and digital marketing of sound recordings!!

  4. Monday Monday by the Mamas and Papas
    Ruby Tuesday by Rolling Stones or Tuesday Afternoon by Moody Blues
    Wednesday Morning 3 am by Simon and Garfunkel
    Jersey Thursday by Donavan
    Black Friday by Steely Dan
    Another Saturday Night by Sam Cooke
    Sunday Morning by Spanky and Our Gang

    • Hey Jules,
      In like a streak of lightning! However, “Black Friday came out in 1975! Yeah, that pesky 1960’s requirement gets us all at one point or another! Got another “Friday” Song?

      • Since I haven’t come up with another one I will go with our friend Ron Wood and say “Friday on My Mind” by the Easy Beats.

        • Hey Jules,
          Ordinarily we might be able to accept an answer like that from some “Rube” but we know first hand the wealth of info and detail you possess when it comes to music from the greatest decade in history!
          We think you may want to turn to your record collection and pull out an old Nancy Sinatra or Van Morrison album for a little more inspiration!
          “just sayin’”

          • ok, how about “Friday” by Ice Cube 1969. Not my kind of music but there you have it

          • Hey Jules,
            We gotta admit, ya kinda got us stumped here! We are aware of the film “Friday” which Ice Cube appears in, and we’ll assume there is a song from the film with the same title! But the movie and the song came out in the late 1990’s…..Hell, I think Ice Cube was Born” in the late “60’s!
            So bottom line it appears we’re back to the old problem of your song choice isn’t from the “60’s”….Unless Ice Cube cut it when he was still in his crib, so to speak!
            Got one more?

  5. Monday, Monday – The Mamas and The Papas
    Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues
    Wednesday Morning, 3 am – Paul Simon
    Thursday – ??
    Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats
    Another Saturday Night – Sam Cooke
    Pleasant Valley Sunday – The Monkees

    • Hey Fred!
      First one in! Way to go Mr. V. BUT! You still need a Thursday song….
      Without knowing for certain, I’ll bet you had this particular “Thursday song as part of your record collection in the 60’s? YEP, YA DID!…Trust us!……

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