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YES! It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 7th! Brought to us by “All the Groovey people” at Omnivore Recordings! Your first and last choice for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However before we get to this week’s question we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was:  A Anagram! “Musical Carpentry” actually unscrambles to become Sir Paul McCartney! First in with all the right answers was Mr. Steve Winogradsky  Way to go Steve, it’s great to see you back in the trivia quiz. Owen  also showed up with a little trivia of his own, “Thank you very much” Owen! Lastly we’d like to welcome Lesley  McBurney to the trivia quiz, a first timer who nailed the question! Welcome and way to go Lesley!

But now, it’s time for this week’s new trivia quiz: This week’s quiz is a lyrical one, and here’s your lyric:“Now it all started two Thanksgivings ago, two years ago, on Thanksgiving” So, what exactly started two Thanksgivings ago ? What is the title of this song ? Who wrote and recorded the song? And who is this artist’s famous father? And for SMS Super Genius status give us at least one song title recorded and released by the artist’s dad!

In Summary, here’s what we need:

1) According to the song, what exactly started two Thanksgivings ago ?

2) What is the title of this FM staple from 1967 ?

3) Who wrote and recorded this song?

4) who is this artist’s father ?

5)  Give us the title to one song the father recorded ?

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  1. The great Thanks Giving Day Anthem by Arlo Guthrie! — Titled “Alice’s Restaurant”.
    This song is forever synonymous with the Thanks Giving Day Celebrations! Much like Robert Serling’s all day “Twilight Zone” Marathons broadcast on “Labor Day” weekend.
    I think the answer to the question: “What happened 2 Thanks Givings ago” marks the start of Alice’s Restaurante Anti-Massacre Movement.
    WOODY GUTHRIE is Arlo’s father. He leaves us with a HUGE FOOTPRINT all over the birth and growth of our collective American FOLK MUSIC scene.
    “This Land is Your Land” is a big contribution to Folk Music and the Social and Environmental movements!!

  2. They visited a friend that doesn’t live there.. found garbage. Tried to get rid of it and got arrested…a very long, very hilarious story. Probably one of the first rap records… after that, the next thing we knew about Arlo was that he was. Stumbelin into los angeles, bringing in a couple of keys..

    • Oh Curtis!
      Yeah, “Comin’ into Los Angel Eeez” I so recall me and my buddies looked at each other and said “Did he really say that? A true classic!
      Thanx for that memory!

  3. Alice’s Restaurant, Arlo Guthrie…his pa Woody Guthrie, who wrote the epic, This Land is Your Land..a 50’s and 60’s classic performed by every folk singing grouo on the planet…it was the Proud Mary of that time. Actually, looking back, it is a really good song.

  4. Well I gotta go fast the beat, well anyone,
    Arlo Guthre
    Alice; Restaurante
    Woodie Guthre
    “This land is your land”
    Whew. got it in?

    • Hey Jim and HELL YEAH! You are the first in!
      However, the truth is the first element of this weeks question “ What exactly started two Thanks giving’s ago” may not be answerable, just pure speculation and interpretation! So, what do you think started “two Thanksgiving’s ago?
      Thanks James and congratulations!

      • Well, I guess to specifically answer this question I would have to say that Thanksgiving two years ago was the anniversary of the infamous “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” in which Arlo perpetrated one of the greatest environmental atrocities of the 20th century. The site of the crime was Alice’s Restaurant which of course really was not a restaurant at all but a church converted into a hostel housing Alice, her family and friends. At the time there was no Alice’s Restaurant. A few years later, presumably capitalizing on the film by that name, an establishment named Alice’s Restaurant was opened at the entrance of the Malibu Pier. It was an upscale sort of place, not at all honoring the spirit of Arlo and his story. I remember one day Ron (Izzy) and I thought we would check it out. We went in, our looks more representative of Arlo than their usual patron. After looking at the menu, and times being what they were, we decided to split an entre (rather gay even in the day). We were informed by the white aproned waiter “There will be no splitting”. I said okay serve my friend the meal and a beer and I’ll just have a beer. And for reasons I still don’t understand that was acceptable. I don’t know why I am throwing this in here. There was just something about that little life experience that seemed fit with the whole theme of that movie. But that’s just me.

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