The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 7 / 9

“Attention is the real Sixth Sense” An old friend of ours would always say that whenever things got complicated! And today’s question will indeed challange your powers of attention and perception! This week’s  challange is of course made possible by our “Fab Friends” at Omnivore Recordings! Your number one destination for all the music you didn’t know, You didn’t know!

Meanwhile, before we get to this week’s guestion, we want to acknowledge the Groovey readers who showed up for last week’s question which was: How many of Peter and Gordon’s hits can you name that featured the writer credit of Lennon / McCartney? The correct answer is Four, and they are “A World Without Love”  “ I Don’t Want To See You Again”  “Nobody I Know” and “Woman”   Only one reader got them all right! Steven Winogradsky was first in like a bullett. Way to go Steven!  Mr. Fred Vogel  also dropped in with a little good cheer!Thanx Fred!

But, it is now indeed time for this week’s Trivia Question: Give us the title to this classic track from the late Sixties ( which we know you had in your collection ) that makes reference to:

                            1) Colored cotton’s  hanging in the air 

                             2) “Charming Snakes

                             3) Striped Djellebas    

And as we like to do: Super Sixties extra credit to anyone who can explain exactly what a “Striped Djelleba is?

In Summary: Give us the title to this incredible classic song that features the three items listed above!?  Tell us the name of the classic act that made it so popular? And lastly, Whom, wrote the song?

And, of course there’s the pesky definition of a “Striped Djelleba”?

As you travel a little deeper into the bizarre / Bazaar, why not click the link we provided below to Omnivore Recordings Homepage and browse the coolest music in the land!



Remember, you can answer the Trivia Question as often as you like but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every two weeks! Good Luck!






  1. HA! I just bought a “DJELLABA” for Paulettes’s birthday!! There is a great web site for this clothing: “BOHOLOOKS”. OK no more plugs. But you are right: “You gotta have this album”. The FIRST TIME I heard this album and song “MARRAKESH EXPRESS” was at Ron’s,Julie’s and Rick’s home! WOW every song a #1! Oh the Djellabas is a one piece, pull over, full length cotton, plain or embroidered (colorfull), Moroccan N. African type of apparal suited for the extremes of desert heat. Similar designs are crafted throughout Arabic, Middle-East, Indian/Pakistani & far east lands.

    • Hey Ron Wood,
      Yeah, EVERYBODY owned a copy of “Crosby Stills and Nash! Thanx for the detail on djellebra’s In fact, my only experience with a Djellebra involves you!
      During the road trip we took to Encinada, Mexico, the time we were briefly “Detained” by the locale Federale’s! We went shopping one morning and I bought a “Striped Djellebra’. I loved it, took it home and decided that the prudent thing to do was to wash this very cool garment! Soooooo, into the washer / dryer. At the end of the cycle I reached in to pull out my really cool Striped Djellebra’s and OH God all that was left was a large sagging ball of cloth and threads that smelled awful! So much for my cool Striped Djellebra!
      Thanx for the memory…

      • HA HA HA..a common occurrence when you buy clothing in baja cali…Been there myself. I blamed it on the tequila..

  2. The Rain The Park and Other Things
    The Cowsills

    A djellaba is a long skirted African garment worn by men and women alike.

  3. Marrakesh Express written by Graham Nash of Crosby Stills and Nash, the artist that recorded the song. Off the first album, before Young brought his angst to the band. Don’t get me wrong, I loved CSNY even better than CSN. But CSN opened the world of acoustics and 3 part harmony to rock music. Striped Djelleba is kinda like an INDIAN MU MU..a long over dress worn by both men and women. Ya know, I met Graham years ago in Aspen. We shared the bill with him at a small Club. He was awesome. A very gracious dude and his show was killer. He even slipped in Marrakesh, but was not wearing a striped djelleba. I was hoping..

  4. Striped Djellebas from Marrakesh Express by CSN

    Same song has lyric Colored cottons hang in air, but not an exact match (unless Rick made a typo)

    No idea about Charming snakes

    • Hey Steve, I must admit that perhaps I tried to get to clever, I’ll break it down: Yes, the lyrical references are all from Marrakesh Express.! The true lyric reads: “ Colored cottons hang in the air”. “charming Cobra’s in the square”. “Striped Djellebra’s we could wear at home”
      I was trying to make the question sound more conversational by saying “ What Classic 60’s Song “References Colored cottons hanging in the air….”Charming Snakes” and the “Striped Djellebra’s…….I hope that’s more clear? I could have made it even more confusing by adding one more thing: 5 ft. Tall American woman dressed in blue! Are ya with me?
      Thanx Steve,

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