The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 8/20

Another Summer morning and for many, it’s “Back to School” Trivia Tuesday for Aug. 20th. Brought to us, as you know, each week by our friends over at Omnivore Recordings. The only place on earth where you will find, all the coolest music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! BUT FIRST, we want to recognize the readers who showed up for last week’s question, and it was trickey! We posted eight first and last names and asked you to pair them together to form the four members of the great duets Peter and Gordon and our other fave Chad and Jeremy.  First in like a rocket, pairing all eight names perfectly and correcting our stupid spelling error was Speedy Steve Winogradsky! Way to go Speedy Steveie! Hot on his heels was ( who else ) Fast Freddie Vogel, And closing things up and throwing in the great Seals and Croft’s we witnessed our old friend Rockin’ Ronnie Wood Great stuff gents!

But now it’s time for this week’s Trivia Question:  According to the song, If you’re out on a warm summer day and stop for a nice lunch of “ A Four of Fish and a Finger Pie “ Where are you?  And, what is your ‘B’-Side?                                     And big SMS Extra Credit,   Who can accurately define what a “Four Of Fish is?And even more Extra Credit to any reader who can “delicately “ ( and keep it clean) explain what a “Finger Pie” is? I

In Summary: Tell us, Where are you having this lunch? What’s on the B-Side of this great song and very delicately describe a “Finger Pie” and simply describe “A Four Of Fish”

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And remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Question as often as you like, but can only win a cool Omnivore CD, every two weeks! Good luck!


  1. I remember hearing Sgt. Pepper’s LHCB at Rick Miller’s house when it was released. He had those 1ton 15″ Speakers and 3 ton Pioneer Recvr/Tuner/Amp: what sound!!! THAT IS the way to listen to Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields Forever! I am getting ahead reminiscing again ..sorry! But HOW COOL WAS THAT EXPERIENCE!!
    But Yes I would be in/at a place called Penny Lane; a real place. And strawberry fields was on the same 45 as well as 33&1/3 great album. I know from watching a lot of BBC SHOWS that the lexicon of ” four of or two of” etc. refers to the cost or price you pay for something. In this case “four of fish” is (I’ll guess) the actual price (4 penny, tuppence,quid) gets you a certain amount of fish and chips? That OTHER REFETENCE you point out that follows “finger pie” is a fairly straight forward sexual/slang term for a certain kind of intimate “,ForePlay”. About as subtle as I can get! So the word play of ” FOUR & FORE” is at play here as well!!
    These are (of course) memorably great songs!! All their work is memorable!!
    peace and love….wood

  2. Penny Lane.
    A four of fish is fourpenny worth of fish and chips; finger pie, well, use your imagination!

    • Hey Jimmy Mac…
      Why, whatever do you mean? Apple, Cherry, Blue Berry, Banana Cream or Custard?
      Simple Simon!

  3. You are on Penny Lane and ordering a fish lunch. Finger pie is a process in which a female attains satisfaction in a certain body part (delicate enough?). Strawberry Fields Forever was on the reverse side.

  4. Lunch in Liverpool?
    A four of Fish refers to a fourpenny worth of fish and chips
    Finger Pie, delicately refers to intimately fondling someone
    The song is Penny Lane by the Beatles and the flip side was Strawberry Fields Forever

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