The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 8/4

Yes indeed! It’s another Tuesday morning, which,of course means, it’s Trivia Tuesday for August 4th. Brought to us by all the cool folks at Omnivore Recordings! Where you will find all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But, before we get to this week’s quiz, we’d like to recognize all the “SMS Super geniuses who correctly answered last week’s Quiz question, which was:  We fired off nearly a half dozen questions about Chuck Berry’s Classic “Memphis Tennessee” ! First in with all the correct answer was long time SMS Super Genius, the brilliant Edmund Clark Simmons! Welcome back Ed, your brilliance still shines bright! Right on Ed’s heels came our old friend and one of our early SMS Super Geniuses Mr. Steven Winogradsky! Always great when you drop by, great to see you Steve! Next in a relatively new “SMS’er Mr. Clark Besch! Great job Clark! Following Clark was a long time “Trivia Genius and SMS reader Mr. Fred Vogel!  Great to see you once more and GREAT JOB! Lastly Mr. Curtis Stone rounds out our rogue’s gallery of brilliant trivial minds! Thanx and Congrats to one and all!

But now! It’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question: Yes, it’s about “The Golden Girls,” a T.V. Program that is seemingly more popular now, in syndication than it was when it was originally running on NBC in prime time!

Perhaps it’s the location of the show (Florida) or just the Graying of America  but here in So Calif. it’s running 24/7! We never watched the show, but we loved the main title theme, and that theme is what this week’s question is all about! What is the title of the song used as the main title of The Golden Girls sitcom? Who wrote this unique “Good Feeling song?  This songwriter had at least two Top 40 hits in the  U.S. in the mid Seventy’s, one was his version of the Golden Girls theme, what is the title to the other? Lastly, and this is surely going to separate the super geniuses from the boys. What is the title of this artist debut single on Polydor records in 1967 ?


in summary, here’s what we need…

1) Who wrote the main title theme to “The Golden Girls”?

2) What is the name of this cool pop song?

3) Along with his version of The Golden Girls theme this talented singer/songwriter had another Top 40 hit, what is the title of that song?

4) What is the title f his debut record released on Polydor records in1967 ?

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  1. As usual, a bit late…Andrew gold, thank you for being a friend and lonely boy .. in 67 he had of all the little girls…i was fortunate enough to have him play on one of my denos when wrore for MCA… dud a couple of gigs with him when he was playing with Rondstat on the heart like a wheel tour. Excellent trivia question.

    • Hey Curtis,
      As usual you’re right on it! I recall those days at MCA and walking into our studio and OMG? Andrew Gold was working in our studio! He’ll Yeah! And YOU worked with him! Jeeze dude, who haven’t you worked with? That’s gotta be a very short list! Speaking of his work with Linda Ronstadt, Andrew should be in the. Rock Hall for his guitar solo on Linda’s cover of “You’re No Good” alone!
      Thanx Curtis,

  2. More Andrew Gold trivia:

    He was born into a musical family. His father was film composer Ernest Gold, who wrote the music for the film “Exodus”. Pat Boone wrote lyrics to the theme, called “This Land Is Mine” and had a hit record (one of the few Pat had that didn’t rip off Little Richard).

    His mother was Marni Nixon, who was a famous singer who dubbed the singing voice of many actresses who could not sing (ex: Natalie Wood in West Side Story)

    Andrew was a long time member of Linda Ronstadt’s backup and studio band.

    He formed the group Bryndle with Kenny Edwards, another long time member of Linda’s band and a member of the Stone Poneys, Linda’s first group (Different Drum). Other members of Bryndle were singer/songwriters Karla Bonoff and Wendy Waldman.

    • My brother was lucky enough to see Bryndle in the 1990’s and got my copy of “All This & Heaven Too” autographed by Andrew, despite the fact that they did not sing any of HIS solo songs. My fave by him changes from “Never Let Her Lsip Away” to “One of Them is me” and more recently “oh Urania.” For me, he’s like another Emitt Rhodes. He was putting out great LPs and then Asylum dropped him and he had to go to independent means. The good thing is that he KEPT recording awesome stuff, unlike Emitt.

    • Hey Steve,
      This is so great, I love all the detail! I’ve always thought if all Andrew had ever done was the guitar solo on Linda’s version of “You’re No Good, he should be in the Rock Hall!
      Thanx Steve, love this post!

    • Hey Steve,
      Pat Boone wrote lyrics? Now that’s a 60’s music secret!
      Jeeze, who knew?
      Thanx for this great informative post!

  3. Andrew Gold is one of my fave artists. Be sure to get his latest CD of 1973 unreleased songs. perfect for the times and so much alike his stuff he would soon release on his debut solo LP! Omnivore Records release too, I believe!

    • Hey Clark, I knew you’d be in early on this one and I’m surprised you didn’t know about the Polydor record from 1967!
      But, otherwise you nailed it!

  4. Andrew Gold (more on him later today)
    Thank you for being a friend
    Lonely Boy
    Of All the Little Girls (UK release – with the duo Villiers & Gold)

    • Hey Steve!
      Yeah, first one in with all the correct answers AND the only reader to know the details about his Polydor record from back in 1967! Brilliant, as usual!

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