The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 9/10

Here we are with another Trivia Tuesday for 9/10, brought to us by the very cool folks at Omnivore Recordings. The only place that YOU know has all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!  Meanwhile, before we get to this week’s creepy question, we want to recognize The one and only reader who correctly answered last week’s question which was: Who was the only Monkee to have a top ten hit as a solo artist and what was the title?  The answer is Michael Nesmith!  And the song was “Joanne”Only ONE reader weighed in with the correct answer, Our Old friend out in White House Tennessee, Curtis Stone nailed it as well as the extra credit question!  “Rock on” Curtis! Clearly you don’t Monkee around when it comes to 60’s music trivia! Enjoy your cool new Omnivore CD!

But Now! It’s time for this week’s trivia question:  What classic “Jamaican Folk Song” warns of “The Deadly Black Tarantula”? Give us the song title, the name of the great artist who made it popular AND the title of the 1998 movie that Showcased It so hilariously?….Thats it!                                    (Don’t let that thing bite you!) But in Summary, we need:

1) The Title Of The song?

2) Who was the Singer?

3) What late 90’s film featured it?

While you’re keeping clear of that “Deadly Black Tarantula” why not click on Omnivore Recoording’s Homepage (provided below) and pick out one or two of your heart’s desire)



Remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Question as often as you like, but can only win a very cool Omnivore CD every two weeks, Good Luck!





  1. Harry Belafonte, Beetle-juice…Day O or Banana Boat song….A most Hilarious scene from Beetle-juice. It is one of my favorite musical scenes from any movie….maybe, with the exception of any song and scene in West Side Story…

    • Hey Curtis!
      Wow, after all these years and WHO KNEW? You are such a West Side Story Fan!
      And, of course you once again nailed the question!
      Only in “America”

  2. The full title is ”Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” by Harry Belafonte which was originally included on his album, ”Calypso”, released in 1956. (My favorite cover version was by Stan Freberg, which was released about a year later.) Since both were released prior to 1960, SMS has apparently now become F&SMS, which, by the way, is fine with me. I couldn’t come up with the film but maybe I’ll get some credit for knowing that ”Calypso” was the first million selling LP.

    • Hey Larry,
      Yeah Baby and we’ll done! But in our defense the site does remain dedicated to 60’s music secrets! We took great pains in the wording of this week’s question. It’s true the most popular recording of “Day O” Was Harry Belafonte’s version from 1956. However The great Jimmie Rogers recorded and released his version as a single in 1963! You may not recall it and it’s likely no one else does, but it was definitely a Sixties Record!
      Good catch!, on many levels
      Tricky Ricky
      P.S. AND YES, dear Larry, HUGE credit for that great Tid-bit about Belafonte’s “Calypso album! He deserve an award for getting that award! Or something like that?
      Don’tja think?

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