The SMS Trivia Question Of the WEEK 9 / 20…

Yes it is time for the all new Trivia Question for Tuesday September 20th! Brought to us each week by all the very cool folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your best call for all the great music you didn’t know you didn’t know! But, before we raise the curtain on this weeks quiz, we’d like to recognize all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was all about the name “Valerie” and all the great 60’s songs it appeared in! First in was the always brilliant Clark Besch! However Clark didn’t show up with all the correct answers! Same goes for our old co-worker Mr. Jeffrey Conroy! Thought this would be a slam dunk my old friend…Guess not! Coming in a wee bit later was the always brilliantly trivial Mr. Mark Leone and yes he came in with all the right answers! A true “SMS Super Genius “Congratulations Mark! A very cool Omnivore CD is on it’s way to your door!

But now! It’s time for the brand knew SMS Trivia Question: This week’s quiz is a lyrical question! Check out this lyric just below…

My children were raised, you know they suddenly rise”

They started out long ago head to toe”

“Healthy wealthy and wise”

There’s your lyric! Now give us the title of the song that includes these curious lyrics from 1967 and of course we’d like the name of the classic 60’s band who recorded and released this great record! AND we also need the name of the two writers who wrote this 60’s classic? Finally give us the titles to at least two more titles written individually from each writer ?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title to the classic 60’s song that features this lyric ?

2) Give us the name of the classic 60’s band the recorded and released this Gem from 1967 ?

3) Give us the names of the two Singer / Songwriter’s who wrote this paean to Southern California’s history ?

4) Give us the titles to at least two additional song’s from each of these two great “artist’s” ?

As you rifle through all your info resources about 1967, take a moment, click on the link below and study Omnivore Recordings awesome catalog of the coolest music in the known world and beyond!



Remember! You can answer the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a cool Omnivore CD every 30 days!



  1. I slept in today but…
    The Beach Boys were the 2nd band I ever saw live. San Jose Civic 1965.
    The verticle striped shirt days. They ROCKED !!!!

  2. Man, that is some obscure Beach Boys stuff…A great Album along with Surfs Up. Van Dyke’s lyrics were always a poetic wonder to behold. But if I may refer to The Randy Newman question. The dude was, and is, Brilliant. IF you are Newsman fans, you have got to check out an album called, “Nilsson Sings Newman”. All Randy Newman songs, with Randy playing piano. With Harry song all the voices. It truly is a masterpiece of simple, bare bones, production featuring and iconic voice and iconic songwriter, prior to Randy’s commercial, artist success. It was made in ’69, so it is legal to bring it up on SMS. ( I dont want Rick to chastise me) Do yourself a favor and deep dive into that record. I’m just sayin’.. That’s all for now.

    • I had the awesome pleasure of hanging with Harry in the last couple of years of his amazing life.
      He was one of a kind and a LOT OF FUN. We, Bruce Gary and I used to go up to his office and hang for the afternoon.
      His office was the corner booth in the bar of the Bel Air Hotel. They even installed a phone for him in the booth.

      Those were the days.

  3. 1) Heroes and Villains

    2) The Beach Boys

    3) Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks

    4) God Only Knows, Little Deuce Coupe; Child is the Father of Man, Surf’s Up

  4. Heroes and Villains
    Beach Boys
    Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks
    BW: California Girls, God Only Knows
    VDP: Sail On Sailor, Surf’s Up (both also recored by The Beach Boys)

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