The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ( How Good Are You? )


Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 3rd. Clearly Sixties Music Secrets has changed it’s “Look and Feel” But, the weekly Trivia Quiz remains constant! And in our new format, you can review past Trivia questions, just to remind yourself just how brilliant you really are!    SO!  Without any further  delay,  we’d like to congratulate Ron Wood for being the ONLY reader to accurately and correctly answer last weeks question, which was; name three 60’s superstars who had hits with songs that included the word “Question” in the title?The correct answer is “Questions” / Carry On, From Crosby Stills and Nash, “Questions” by The Moody Blues and “Questios 67 & 68 “ from Chicago

Way to go Ron Wood!…BUT NOW, here’s this week’s question; Who is Mark Feld, What is the name of his band AND what is HIS Beatle connection?

Yeah, tough question, and the first question of SMS version 2.0, So, Get this right and you join the elite group of Sixties Music Secrets “International Super Genius’s “

SMS, the place for stuff you didn’t know, you didn’t know !


  1. I can say that I know a small part of this week’s trivia kinda thru the “Back Door”!? Being a BIG Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield/and ALL the other branches of this incredible tree ofperformers!!! But I digress…so I tead Neil’s great auto-bio and Neil talks of eatly days and mentions Mark Feld and his incredible guitar abilities!! So I knew about of early Mark Bolan but what is OFF THE TOPIC but cooaccros small factoid I came accross while researching. Bolan & Young and and a story about an errorin the cover work for Neil’s “AFTER THE GOLD RUSH” andthe fact that some album liners for the vinyl had BOLAN’s photo on it!! But this is the ectent of my current KNOWLEDGE about Mark. And the art work for SMS LOOKS SUPER AMUNDO!!!!!

    • Hey Mr. Wood,
      Wow, never heard that story about Bolan’s pix showing up on “After the Goldrush” UNBELIEVABLE!
      What’s more, just about everyone I knew bought a copy of this great record back in 1970 including myself and nobody ever said a word! Do you have any further info on how many units were released with Bolan on the inner sleeve? I’m sure Mr. Young had some extremely choice words with his record label!
      What a great Sixties secret from “The Nineteen Seventees”

  2. Mark Feld is the real name of Marc Bolan of T Rex fame. In his youth, Feld was in a band with Helen Shapiro, who went on to have a successful singing career. One of her opening acts was The Beatles, who wrote the song “Misery” for her, although she never recorded it .

    • Hey Steve, you weren’t the first on in this week but, in keeping with your usual brilliance, we had never heard that story about Helen Shapiro! WOW! Nice catch ol’ Buddy
      Great to see you here at the new SMS…

  3. Marc Bolan, T Rex, appeared in Ringo’s “Born to Boogie” film..was in wrong car at wrong time, too young to his idol Eddie Cochran.

  4. I haven’t a clue as to the answer to your question this week however I wanted to say I like the new format.

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