The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How Good Are You? )

Summer is on the horizon, and as Glen Frey famously sang “The heat is on”  cuz it’s Trivia Tuesday for July 10th….But, before we get to the question, a Tip O’ the SMS Sun Visor goes out to two regular readers and one new -comer who correctly answered Lat weeks quiz which was; Who is Mark Feld and what was the name of his band?  The correct answer is; The Great Marc Bolan and T-Rex. Great job guys and congrats to Rockin Ron Wood, The Peripatetic Steve Winogradsky and another brilliant new-comer Mark L. Chapman! WAY TO GO GUYS!….”Bang A Gong” !

BUT NOW, here is this weeks Trivia Question; This week it’s one of those infernal Anagrams; What or who is, Hello Snorting Set. Tell us who that is and give us the name of two of their hit’s from the ‘60’s ?



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Congrats to Ron Wood, Steve W. And Mark Chapman, for getting it right!


    • This is a cool blog, with a cool blogger. Stay cool yourself.
      這是一個很酷的博客,有一個很酷的博主。 自己保持冷靜。

      • Jim!
        What language are you speaking or are you using a translator, and are you responding to the other blogger who preceded you?……either way I’m wmpressed and I’ll have to figure out how to use the Googl translated!
        Talk soon, and great, as always to see you here!

        • Rick, in ’71 I took a semester of Chinese at CSUN, but as you can imagine in those few months I never got much beyond counting to 100 and saying a few useless phrases like “My mouth can eat fried rice.” and “Men have hair on their heads.” So yes, I used Google Translator. It told me that our new friend said “In the hot summer, I saw such a blog cool a lot!”. Which is, IMHO, very cool.

          • Hey Jimmy, YES, this is very cool! In fact I spent the morning using the Google translator, in an attempt to communicate with “Our new friend”…. It was kinda strange but in a great, great way, reading the translations from Chinese to English. But the best part is the Robotic woman’s voice who actually speaks to you in Chinese and then in English! WOW! I felt like I was speaking to someone on another planet…..Have you tried it and listened?
            Thanx Mr. G…
            R.S. @ SMS

          • Rick, I tried the Google audio translator this morning. It’s is amazing for sure, but I can see where it could cause problems (especially where slang and idioms are concerned. When I wrote “stay cool yourself” in response to his “in the hot summer …” I cut and pasted the Chinese characters into my post of 7/14. This morning when I translated it back into English it read “Keep yourself calm”, and that could easily be taken the wrong way. Also some of the phrases I was taught sounded and looked different from what I was taught to say and how I was taught to write them.

    • According to Google translator, you are speaking Chinese! It was difficult to make your name out, but, I’d like to Welcome you to Sixties Music Secrets! Are you reading us in China?
      Please join our conversation and enjoy our content!
      Rick Shoemaker

    • Hello , My name is Rick Shoemaker. I live in Los Angelos California in the U.S. A. This in my blog and I am so pleased you’ve taken time to check it out!
      We hope to hear from you again soon
      Rick @ SMS

  1. ROLLING STONES jumped out to me which is unusual since I NEVER figure these out! HA HA!
    And whete do I even begin…I think ALL their songs are HITS!! But two H.S. faves are “CONNECTION and “PAINT IT BLACK”. WOW what a legacy!!!
    thanx…the wood


      Hey Wood, Don’t tell us “You never get these things” You nailed it ma brutha!…..And under the category of “Great minds thinking alike, just yesterday, completely unrelated to SMS somebody asked what one of my favorite Stones song was, and I said, flat out, “Connection “…..And Of course “Paintit Black” is up there as well!
      On a very different note I’ve attached a link to one of our new features, it’s called “Our favorite things” Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but when I started it I thought of you and if you read completely thru you’ll see why! …..Always Great when you show up. Hope you enjoy the new feature and thanx for “Chimeing in” on the Trivia Quiz. Well Done my old friend
      R.S @ SMS…

  2. Hey ,the Hello Snorting Set was of course the great “Rolling Stones” and a couple of their really great hit songs in the 60’s was “Ruby Tuesday” which I believe was in ’67 ( was one of my faves ) another was “Under My Thumb” which I believe was in ’66 and was a real upbeat rocker (loved it ) and then of course the real great “Honky Tonk Woman” which really got you moving. Well there you have it. Hope I’m right on the money with this one. For now Groovy man and out. the IS

    • Hey Mr. Is, Not only are you “Right on the money, but you were the first one in within minutes after the “Ink dried on the page!
      Well done my friend, Look for YOUR “Blue ribbon” next week!

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