The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ( How Good Are You ? )

It’s “Back to School”  for many folks…But! It’s Trivia Tuesday on August 14 for everyone ! Before we reveal this week’s question, we gotta recognize the readers who “nailed” last week’s question, which was an anagram. “Hold an encore” actually spells out Leonard Cohen ! First in and always fabulous was the “First and Faithful Leonard Cohen Fan JULIE,  who nailed  the question in record time! Jim Gorman also weighed in with his usual tasty and obscure contribution, showcasing Madeleine Peyroux in his answer to the quiz… Congrats and thank yous’ To “Bofe uv ya’s”.

But Now, it’s time for this week’s question ; In 1968 Reginald Kenneth Dwight was going through a very dark period in his life. Frustrated and struggling to kick-start a floundering music career while he was engaged to marry a woman who he had no feelings for, Reggie, lost in deep depression,  placed his head inside a lit oven in a failed  attempt at suicide! Several years later,  Elton John and his writing partner Bernie Taupin wrote a song chronicling that period and the events surrounding them!

Your Question? What is the title of that song, what classic Elton John album did it appear on and for “Extra Credit”  Who is “Sugar Bear” ?


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  1. Hey Steve, Regarding your post about Klaus Voormann :
    YES, you are 100% correct! We always appreciate when ever you speak up and share your thoughts and this great post about Klaus is exactly what we love and we encourage you and any of our readers to weigh in with any random facts, Trivia, or questions
    Bottom line, we want to encourage conversation and dialog, something you’re great at !
    Thanx Steve for always doing your part in making SMS everyone’s destination for insightful and enlightening conversation about The greatest decade of music and more!
    Rick / SMS

    • First and foremost, welcome to the Sixties Music Secrets family! We are so happy that your’re enjoying and actively participating in the site.
      Please come back often and share your ideas and experiences…
      Rick Shoemaker

  2. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy.
    The story was that Long John Baldry told him to get out of his relationship with his girlfriend and therefore “saved his life “! Elton calls Baldry “Sugar Bear”

    • Hey John,
      Great to see you back here at SMS and of course you correctly answered the question, and , further thanx for filling in some of the additional details…

      • Hey Valentin…That’s more like it ! We read your earlier post and thought “That’s not the Valentin we know” This answer is exactly what we were looking for and you nailed it!
        Always great to see you here, don’t be a stranger…

    • Hey Valentin, we think we know where your going with this answer, but unfortunately it’s not the right direction! Take a minute and try a new path….
      But, we’re always pleased when you show up

  3. “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”
    Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
    Long John Baldry

    • Hey Fred !
      Yep, you nailed it and missed being the first one in by less than two minutes ! Rapid fire fingers Steve Winogradsky took that first prize this week. BUT, the next trivia quiz is just 5 days away…SEE YA THEN! Oh, and be sure to set your alarm!
      Always great to see you here Fred!

  4. The song is Someone Saved My Life Tonight from the album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. “Sugar Bear” is Long John Baldry, a British artist and the inspiration for Elton’s last name.

    • Hey Steve,
      As usual, you’re the first one in with all the correct answers ! AND, this week your answer cane thru within seconds of our post!
      At this rate we wouldn’t be surprised if you answer next week’s question before we post it ! Go ahead, give it a try, come on….we dare ya!
      But seriously WELL DONE STEVE W.

      • Here goes, Rick:

        Name the man who was Astrid Kirchherr’s boyfriend before Stuart Sutcliff, designed the cover of “Revolver” and played bass at the Concert for Bangladesh.

        Answer: Klaus Voorman

        You’re welcome!

        • Hey Steve,
          Wow! Yes, thank you for shineing the spotlight on one of the most unrecognized, yet important figures from the 1960’s
          We’d also ad that Klaus played Bass with Manfred Mann for a couple years!
          btw. What inspired your post about Klaus ?

          • Just thought it might be the type of question you ask on this site. Something a little obscure but known by true fans of sixties (and later) music.

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