The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ?

Yes, it’s time to open the door to Trivia Tuesday, for August 21. And, as we like to do each week, it’s time to recognize the brilliant readers that correctly answered last week’s question, which was; What classic Elton John song, written by him and his writing partner Bernie Taupin, chronicles Elton’s “dark period” and his attempted suicide ? Additionally who is “Sugar Bear” ?

The song is “Someone saved my life tonight” from the album “Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt Cowboy” and Sugar Bear is Long John Baldry! Big SMS congrats go out to The Traveling Winogradsky, STEVE, “Fantastic” Fred Vogel and of course Zippy John Zambetti, as well as our old friend from Germany, Valentin, formerly known as Mausch and a regular reader from China whose name we can’t print here…cuz, translator isn’t functioning BUT, Well done gents ! And now it’s time for this weeks question : Give us the name of Eight Beatle songs that include a man’s name in the TITLE ! Here are the rules, no Bootlegs or Live recordings and titles that only include man, men, boys, or boy don’t qualify !

So have at it Ladies and Gents ( Yeah gents doesn’t count either ) and remember, the mans name must be in the title !


  1. Okay, I win. I’ve got 26
    1. Please Mr. Postman
    2. Devil in her Heart
    3. Mr. Moonlight
    4. Norwegian Wood (Wood is a man’s name!)
    5. Dr. Robert
    6. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    7. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
    8. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
    9. Fool on the Hill (Rich Hill – L.A. Dodgers?)
    10. Blue Jay Way (Jay is a man’s name)
    11. Baby you’re a Rich Man (again, Rich Hill)
    12. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
    13. Rocky Raccoon
    14. I Will (Will is a man’s name)
    15. Mother Nature’s Son (her son has got to be a guy, right?)
    16. Hey Bulldog (Bulldog is a character on the Frazier Show)
    17. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    18. Sun King (Think Martin Luther Jr.)
    19. Mean Mr. Mustard
    20. Day Tripper (Jack Tripper from “Three’s Company”)
    21. The Ballad of John and Yoko
    22. Old Brown Shoe (Brown is a common last name, as in Elton Brown, and while I am at it I‘m gonna count “Shoe”)
    23. Carol (as in Carol O’Connor or Pete Carol)
    24. Johnny B’Goode
    25. Roll Over Beethoven
    26. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Dizzy Gillespie?)

    • Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…..Jeeze Louise ! But I’ve learned along time ago that debating You is always a losing battle. Sooo, with that in mind, and your “unique” approach to the question, we believe YOU COULD COME UP WITH AT LEAST A DOZEN MORE…
      How about
      “it won,t be long”…Long John Baldry
      “Penny Lane…Legendary L.A. Roller Derby announcer Dick Lane
      “strawberry Fields Forever” two guy’s….Baseball Great Daryl Strawberry and Ted Fields, Billionaire founder of Tnterscope Films and records…..PLUS… we think there’s a Toti Fields joke in here but you might say we “Don’t have a leg to stand on !
      “she Loves You” and “All you need is Love” both feature Beach Boy Mile Love
      “i’ve just Seen a Face” change one letter in Seen to Sean and you got Sean Connery
      “black Bird…”Jack Black
      O.K. I’m getting a headache… The Staff and Management up here in the palatial offices and Studios of SMS WILL review YOUR submissions and render a decision as to the quality and relevance of your answer…
      Oh Wait..What about Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…Sky Saxon, lead singer from The Seeds and Neil Diamond
      Please stop us before someone gets hurt..
      Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, YIKES !

      • Really? “I’ve Just Sean a Face”? Well you’ve really open up’d the rules now. If you are sending my entry to adjudication I’d better hedge my bet:

        1. Noel Reply – Noel Coward – English Playwright
        2. Al My Loving – Weird Al Yankovic
        3. A Hard Day(s) Night – Daniel Day Lewis
        4. I’ll Cry Anstead – Ant Anstead – British TV host, ‘Wheeler Dealers
        5. You Kant Do That – Immanuel Kant – German Metaphysical Philosopher
        6. You’ve Got to Hyde Your Love Away – David Hyde Pierce

        • O.K,
          We knew this moment was coming….”WE GIVE!
          The moment you start naming German Metaphysical Philosophers we know we’re in deep Beatle poop!
          However we thought we’d explain our Sean Connery entry. Back in the early day’s of The James Bond series, my friends and I couldn’t get enough of Dr. No, Goldfinger etc. We thought Sean Connery was the coolest guy on the planet and being young, dumb and barely outta Jr. high we talked constantly about Connery always referring to him as “Seen “ not “Shawn” Connery” I recall it was somewhere around the release of “From Russia With Love” where we realized his first name was “Shawn” not “Seen” d’ya see what we’re sayin ? Cuz we don’t wanna make a scene. Si ?
          See ya Sir,

  2. Would these count???: MR. MUSTARD SEED, MR. KITE, MR. TAXMAN, NOWHERE MAN, UNCLE ALBERT? These are just off the top of my head. I am going back to the old drawing board! Be back…wood!!

    • Hey Woody,
      “Would these count” ? You asked, Well, Let’s take them one at a time “Mr. Mustard Seed.” We believe your referring to “Mean Mr. Mustard” from Abbey Road, so…..YES ! “Mr. Kite” of “Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite” YES, again…”Mr. Taxman” from Georgre’s song “Taxman”…No! “Taxman” is a profession, not a name. Next, “Nowhere Man”…No! That’s a reference to a location ( either physically or mentally ) not a man’s name. Lastly, “Uncle Albert” from Paul and Linda’s album “Ram”….No! Simply because it’s not a Beatles record !
      Sooooo Mr. Wood, 2 outta 8 ! Time to pull out some of those classic vinyls and listen to some Beatle music. I think you won !
      Beatle Rick

  3. 1. Ballad of John & Yoko
    2. For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
    3. Doctor Robert
    4. Hey Jude
    5. Rocky Racoon
    6. Bungalow Bill
    7. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    8. Roll Over, Beethoven

    • Hey Fred,
      Great Job, you sighted two that we believed mere mortals might overlook, “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Dr. Robert” ! Yeah Doc Robert is a true Beatle deep track ! And of course one of our faves !
      Thanx Fred, you indeed nailed it , always great when you drop in !

  4. Hey, Rick, here’s not 8, but 10!

    Sgt. Pepper
    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    Mean Mr. Mustard
    The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
    Rocky Racoon
    Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite
    Hey Jude
    Doctor Robert
    Roll Over Beethoven
    The Ballad of John & Yoko

    • Hey Steve,
      Another Trivia Tuesday, and once again your first in with the right answer and more !
      However, this week your answer provoked a little public scrutiny! Last night I visited a local restaurant where a waitress who reads SMS sighted your post and argued that “Sgt. Pepper” doesn’t count because Sgt. Pepper is not gender specific ! The Sgt. Could be a lady”…..After all, in later years Paul wrote “Jet” where he claims “The Major was a lady” Whaddya think ? Should I find another restaurant ?

      • Rick, your waitress friend may have a point. There are no male pronouns relating to the Sgt. in the lyrics. Sorry, ladies, my sexism is showing.

          • Hey Mr. W…… Bigger tip ? Me ? Uh, well,…..Hmmmm Let me think, Ah, NO !
            Heck, I’m not the guy that Just fueled The “Me Too” movement…

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