The Yardbirds blow up…“Blow-up”

It was on this day in 1966 When Pink Floyd made their  debut appearance at the popular Ricky Tick Club in Hounslow, England. However and far more interesting, on that same day The Yardbirds were filming and performing in a re-creation of the Ricky Tick club built at MGM Studios in Borehamwood for Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film “Blow up”

In 1966 if you were interested in experiencing Britain’s  “Swinging London” and who wasn’t ? Antonioni’s film was a must see! You are immediately drenched in London’s steamy brothel of “Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and fashion! For us it meant plenty of Carnaby clad “Birds” ( English girls) and our favorite band “The Yardbirds”, playing our favorite version of “Train Kept a Rollin”

So, what better way to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the movie that initiated  what many have referred to as “The film school generation” than to enjoy a clip from this great piece of 60’s movie history! And for us here at SMS it has to be the scene featuring The Yardbirds! And “Look sharp now,” as this performance by The Yardbirds  includes  both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page!…You’re Welcome!

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  1. Yardbirds issues would continue in 1966 after “Blow Up” scene happened. I recently found a 9/2/1966 KELI (Tulsa) survey in a box here. The news on the back is really cool. It mentions the Yardbirds’ Tulsa teen hop set a new record for attendance (2200!!!). I worked a little on a book about Jeff Beck called “Jeff’s Book” written by my friends Christopher Hjort and Doug Hinman. It chronicled Jeff’s day to day life. The 1966 Tulsa appearance of Beck and the band was August 18, 1966 that is mentioned on the survey. The book lists attendance that night at 1984 put on BY KELI. It says it was chaos because some of the group’s equipment did not show up and reportedly sounded terrible. Almost a year earlier to that day, the band’s first US tour STARTED in OKC due to KOMA sponsoring and “For Your Love” supposedly going to #1 ONLY in that big market. They had flown into NYC the day before and flew right away to OKC!!! Not many Brit Invasion acts would have started their FIRST US tour this way.

    The night after Tulsa 66 concert, the band with Jeff Beck played OKC and KOMA sponsor on 8-19/20-1966. That tour ended on Sept 10 with Beck missing the last dates due to having his tonsils taken out. THEN, less than 3 months later, the band played Tulsa again on Nov. 6, 1966. The 4th Yardbirds US tour had started Oct 20 WITH Beck, but he is not happy right away. They are on a Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour now with Gary Lewis, Sam the Sham, Bobby Hebb, the Distant Cousins, Brian Hyland and Jimmy Clanton. Just a week before the Nov 6 Tulsa concert, Beck smashes his guitar in disgust over everything and leaves. He would not perform again with the band nor at the Tulsa concert. SO, Tulsa got to see the Jeff Beck Yardbirds AND the Jimmy page Yardbirds both in a 3 month period. I found that fascinating. BTW, I DO have the KOMA chart with “For Your Love” at #1 too! When we were in OKC summer 65, we saw Gary Lewis and HE played “For Your Love” which went over great with the crowd. I was only 9, but it was at an Amusement Park and I remember their “For Your Love” because when it had the false ending, people stopped dancing and started clapping and then, of course the song continued. I wondered WHY the people were clapping when they should KNOW the song wasn’t over. That’s where we got Gary’s autograph, a pic of him up close, and all the KOMA DJ’s autographs.

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