To be honest, none of us here in the palatial offices and studios of SMS believed we needed a “Face Lift” But, now and then everything can use a fresh coat of Shellac!…YES, our looks have changed, but we’re still your number one source for Facts, Trivia, Stories, and great Commentary about Thee’ greatest decade of music and more, The 1960’s….In addition to our new “ “Good Looks” we’re introducing some great new features as well! Navigating thru SMS 2.0 will be, simpler, more informative and more enjoyable than ever!

Now, you have even more reasons to “Surf Around” enjoy the pix, music, and conversation and of course, share your own unique thoughts and experiences about the most important decade of music and much more !

SO, grab your ( key ) board, catch the wave, shout “Cowabunga” now and Skate right on thru!..

-SMS 2.0 ( Your place for stuff you didn’t know, you didn’t know )


  1. Rick, interesting you should use the term “shellac”. Shellac is made of resins extracted from dead beetles indigenous to India. It is also what most phonographs records were made from prior the the development of the petrochemical industry during WWII. George Harrison is rolling over in his grave . . . we hope.

    Love the look and feel of the new SMS site BYW . . . although at first I couldn’t figure out how to post.

    • Hey Jim,
      First it’s great to see you show up at the new joint…..BUT, Are you saying that shellac is made from John Lennon’s And George Harrison’s dead body fluids when they were in India ? But seriously thanx for the detail on Shellac! We recalled the fact about the early use of the resin in old phonograph records. But mostly we used the word cuz to us it sounded funny and we recall back when we were kids, if we got in trouble our parents would threaten us by saying “Your gonna get a good Shellacing” or sumthin like that… Anyway, we always look forward to your insightful posts and kind words! Please don’t be a stranger….Thanx my old friend!

  2. Mr. Shoe, CONGRATS ON THE NEW FORMAT of SMS. Like the set up and how things are more organized. Groovy man and out . the IS !!!

  3. Congratulations on the new and improved SMS, Rick. When I heard it was coming, I was skeptical but, thanks to the new way things are organized, I’ve already discovered some interesting posts that I missed the first time around. Cowabunga!

    • Hey Larry in Munich…Great to see you joining us at the new SMS. However, more importantly, it’s great to see someone who understands the proper use of the word “Cowabunga”. Chief Thunder Thud would be proud!…As would Soupy Sales and Jan and Dean…
      RS @ SMS

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