“Yeah Yeah Yeah…YEAH”

It was 58 years ago this week, specifically, July first 1963, when The Beatles recorded their next single ‘She Loves You’ / ‘I’ll Get You’, at EMI Studios, London, completing the two songs in less than four hours. Released in August that year, ‘She Loves You’ went on to become The Beatles’ first million-selling single. And remains, to this day the biggest selling single recording for the entire decade in the U.K. Additionally “She Loves You is thee Beatle record that fully showcased and jettisoned the lyric line Yeah Yeah Yeah” to iconic status in pop culture and music nomenclature, as important to the group’s brand as their name, “The Beatles” itself! Arguably their  single most powerful music moment can be found in the final notes and harmonic chord that closes “She Loves You” A perfect three part “Yeah” featuring “A major sixth note, ( suggested by Harrison) creating a very unusual chord rarely heard in pop music! To better illustrate the point, upon hearing this final chord, their producer, George Martin, was horrified and sincerely believed it was a terrible idea! Doing his best to discourage. “the Lads” Telling them it’s a chord you only hear in jazz music, he further told them they sounded like Glen Miller! However, as you likely guessed John, Paul, and George were hardly  dissuaded! Continually asking Martin, “Are you sure no one has done this before”?


Check it out, It’s the final chord on the record, so you’ll have to listen to the whole song! You’re welcome!


  1. As a harmony aficionado, I loved it…even as a kid…..I still try to make that kind of magic happen today…

    • Hey Curtis!
      I’m with you when it comes to harmony! Your post stirred a memory from my early days of playing in a band! During a rehearsal with my first group, we were struggling to learn “She Loves You, until the moment when our lead guitar player just shook his head, threw his hands in the air and said HELL! “We’re simply just not good enough to play this song”
      Through the years, I’ve heard that from a lot of bands, about a lot of Beatle songs!
      Thanx Curtis
      Shoe / SMS

  2. Definitely beats the hell out of I Want to Hold your hand, IMO. MY first Beatles 45 too. I agree the last note seems a bit odd too. I can understand Martin’s issues, but I never noticed as a kid.

    • Hey Clark,
      Wow, a brief debate about which Beatle Song is better “She Loves You” or “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” I feel like I’m 14 years old again…
      Now! Who’s better The Stones or The Beatles?
      Let’s not even think about The Dave Clark Five debate!
      Rick / SMS

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