“You were in a car crash and you lost your hair”

It was on this day, July 7th 1969 when George Harrison recorded his new song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ with just two other Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at Abbey Road in London. John Lennon was absent recovering from a car crash in Scotland.

Lennon crashed his car in Scotland. While holidaying with Yoko Ono, her daughter Kyoko and his son Julian, John Lennon crashed his white British Leyland Austin Maxi car near Durness in the Highlands. Lennon was a notoriously bad driver who had rarely been behind the wheel since passing his test in 1965 .. In spite of Lennons’ Absence, all four Beatles were quite pleased with the recording and “Here Comes The Sun” emerges as one of The Beatles most beloved songs and is widely considered Georges’ greatest work!…

Sometimes, three’s company!

P.S. Only a few day’s later, July 9th, all four Beatles would return to Abbey Road to begin work on “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”

It was at this session where John ordered a hospital bed and had it installed in the Abbey Road studio, FOR YOKO!…Mrs. Lennon was several month’s pregnant and, according to John, was seriously injured in the auto accident!   Apparently you needed a “Buzz Saw” to cut through the tension in Abbey Road…
Meanwhile, how ‘bout a little Ringo to lighten things up!



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