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Sixties Music Secrets, is an eclectic, entertaining and informative Audio/ Visual blog supported with insightful conversation between the knowledgeable, curious and nostalgic, regarding all things musical from the 1960’s… I’m Rick Shoemaker,Growing up and making a life on the West coast of Southern California, I have worked as a Singer/Songwriter, Drum Session Player, Music Teacher, Disc Jockey and Music Business Executive. Most importantly I ” came of age ” in what is arguably the greatest decade of music in all of history. The 1960’s. As a young musician working with several bands in Los Angeles, I shared a stage, a smoke, and a story with legends like The Doors, The Byrds, The Turtles, and The Buffalo Springfield. As I got older I put down my sticks and began my 40 year career as an executive in the music business, working at Universal music and Warner Brothers Music. Most recently I served as World Wide President. Of Warner/ Chappell Music Publishing. Through these years I have worked with and mentored countless great artists Including Greenday, Disturbed, Nickleback and Matchbox 20  as well as Sheryl Crow, Dr. Dre and Katy  Perry. So, if you share my passion and curiosity for this incredibly prolific and creative period in the 1960’s, please join in the conversation and share your ideas, experiences and questions. Whether it was the emerging folk scene on the East Coast of America, the birth of Motown, the Surfin’ Sounds of the West Coast, or, the incredible British Invasion. You’ll experience it all here. At the very least, you’ll learn some awesome Sixties Music Secrets.

We encourage you to not just reply to the Posts and Comments you’ll see here, but use the reply box below to share your unique  and original ,  comments, memories or questions. Click around, dig deep.  There’s tons of content to see and hear…
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  1. Ohhhhhh I enjoyed this Kids React to The Beatles video – the kids are fantastic – so bright and astute, full of personality. I had a silly smile on my face the whole time. They give me hope for our future!. I agree with Rick, everyone should watch! Love it, thank you Jim Gorman.

  2. I just came across some lines from a sixties Bob Dylan song that are chilling in the wake of the events of January 6th. Wanted to post them somewhere, and couldn’t quite figure where. I guess this is as good of place as anywhere. You know the song. The lines go:

    “Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled
    ‘Cause the battle outside ragin’
    Will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
    For the times, they are a-changin’ “

    • Hey Ed!
      Wow and yes, this is Rick Shoemaker from those great Schiffman and Larsen days! And just so I’m clear as to who I’m catching up with. Are you Ed who worked with Ronnie Wilkins?
      I have such fond memories of those times!
      So great to hear from you!

  3. Rick, it’s Randy from Eagle Rock. I hope that you are the right Rick. If you are please get in touch.

      • Hey Barbara,
        Welcome to Sixties Music Secrets! Great to have you drop by. Please browse around and check things out! We hope you enjoy your time here, come back soon and join in the conversation
        Rick Shoemaker

  4. I saw Music Machine at Hullabaloo. Best song was “Hey Joe”. Danced like crazy to “Talk Talk”. I can still remember a drip of sweat running down the singers face, under the spotlight while singing Hey Joe.

    • Hey Mike, great to hear from a fellow Music Machine fan! It’s likely that I was at that Hullabaloo show as well. I tried not to miss any chance to see The Music Machine…..Also my band The Spydres were the opening act fo MM at The Hullabaloo club and a dozen other shows in the L.A. Area..
      By the way, if you haven’t already done so, go to our post titled “In L.A. You know where that’s at” and enjoy a great video of Sean Bonniwell and the band preforming “Talk Talk” on Dick Clarks “Where The Action Is”….
      Thanx Mike for joining in the conversation and sharing YOUR 60’s music experience!

      • Oh Rick it is I Dennis you know “Drew Croon”, I think that perhaps I am commenting on the wrong page. Well forgive man I simply MUST TELL YOU THAT you are one Great Storyteller. This whole site is great! We played the Troubadour . We were the backing band for Ian Whitcomb. Later we played on our own. We were Backing Mr. Whitcomb of ‘You Know You Really Turn me On” Fame. The best part was “The Everly Brothers” WE heard them two to four sets a night for two weeks. We also were right out side of their dressing room ,which we would not dare enter because that would have been like using a public Bathroom when gawd was in there doing his business. Their voices were Fantastic . They had this sort of “OVERTONE THING Happening” By this I mean to say that they sounded like six singers or eight singers the overtones soared around the room from any seat in the ‘house’ they presented a musical experience ,absolutely over the top, I cried every-time that they sang “cry’n in the Rain”. They were so nice ,that is if they wee not in a “disagreement session”. I would have loved to have herd you fellows do “DO OP” Please let your Talent SPIN and PLEEZE KEEP It Coming Rick!

        • Hey Dennis, First, it’s so great to see you here at Sixties Music Secrets! Enjoyed your post.
          I gotta tell you, it’s very cool to hear you worked with Ian Whitcomb. Musically, he never got the credit he deserved, there was a lot more going on there than just “You Turn Me On”…..However, are you saying you opened for the Everly Brothers for two weeks ? WHOA, I’m doing the “I,m not worthy dance”….Were those shows at the Troubadour?
          Regardless, we’d like to hear more and hope you continue to drop in on SMS and share more of your 60’s music experience…
          Thanx for the kind words, and don’t be a stranger!

      • Hi Rick,
        This is Jimmy Foot (used to be Linwood) from your 2nd band, The Argons. Didn’t know you were in Spyders. I hung out on Sunset after I left home, and was lucky enough to see all of those great bands; Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, Byrds, etc. I’ve been playing professionally for the past 50 years and check out my stuff on Youtube.

        • Jimmy Foot…WHOA!
          What a treat seeing you show up here at SMS. Yes, I have vivid memories rehearsing at your moms house, and your little brother who, as I recall you nicknamed “Ug” which according to you was short for “Ugly”
          And yes, The Aragon’s with our custom made electric blue Jackets! We’re we cool? I can’t remember!
          Great to hear you’re still playing, and where are you living these days?
          Like I said, it’s soooo great to hear from you, and please don’t be a stranger! One last question, do you remember how to play “Over You”?

    • Whoa Jim, This is beyond precious! I think my favorite is 14 year old Seth who says “There’s just no way you can hate The Beatles….or else you’d get, KILLED!”…….You certainly would around here!
      Thanx Jim for a great link everyone should watch and enjoy!

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