The Singing Nun

Do you remember The Singing Nun? In 1963 she had a number one record with her song “Dominique” Her real name was Jeanine Deckers and she lived in a convent in Belgium. “Dominique”was not just a hit in the U.S. it was an international smash. Ms. Deckers toured the world, reaching an American audience when she appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Her success even spawned a loosely biographical movie, The Singing Nun (1966), (which starred Ed Sullivan as himself!)

The Singing Nun made a small fortune from “Dominique” which she donated to the Catholic Church, only to find out that she owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes. Sadly, in 1985 The Singing Nun died penniless in a double suicide pact with her longtime lesbian lover from an overdose of alcohol and barbiturates. You can’t make this stuff up, though perhaps you should listen.

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