The Rolling Stones monkey around

Didja know that on this date June 7th in 1964 The Rolling Stones were in the middle of their first tour of America
At their performance in San Antonio Texas, the band was Boo’d off the stage. The quick thinking promoter immediately brought the opening act back out on stage……However, that act was a group of performing MONKEYS!….We’re sure there’s a great joke in here somewhere, but we’ll let it go….Meanwhile, here’s “Monkey Man” by The Stones..Give it a click!


  1. I have ALWAYS been very curious about art in all forms and I do know that “one size does not fit all” but people have a general and unfortunate trait which seems to YANK them back and away from anything new, different and unorthodox. Damon Lewis said at the Emmy’s: “He is constitutionally unable to JUDGE art!” I GREE….BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: “Just who were these booers anyway????? They WERE CLUELESS!!!! the wood

    • Hey Wood-Man,
      Great to see you here and you make a very profound point…The simple answer to your question, “Just who were these boo’ers anyway? In a word, TEXAN’S!….Okay everyone, please hold the hate mail!
      Consider this, in June of ’64 America had just barely begun to appreciate The Beatles and then these 5 scruffy Brits come along, with lipstick and eyeliner? When thinking it thru, as we recall that period and ask the question “Who were the core fans of Mick and the band” I’m pretty sure we WOULDN’T say TEXAN’S
      ….As that old saying goes….”You buys your tickets, you takes your chances” or “You can’t always get what you wanna”
      Thanx Wood for your keen insight and a clear voice of reason!

  2. Mick Jagger (allegedly) called my house looking for my sister to invite her to their show in Denver on that tour.

    • Jack….Wow!, at last it’s revealed, the secret origin and inspiration of their smash “Let’s Spend The Night Together”
      Congratulations, or sumthin like that….
      Meanwhile, did she go?….I’m sure if she did there’d be lots more song titles to reconsider!
      Respectfully, Thanx Jack

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