The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)

If you feel like “Times Flyin” You’d be right, this Saturday June 30th marks the official “halfway point” for 2018!…Better start your Xmas shopping!
But, meanwhile it’s Trivia Tuesday for June 26th. Before we get to the question…SMS congrats go out to three of our favorite readers who correctly answered last weeks question! And they are ; JULIE…RICK ( aka Mr. Is ) and of course “The Ramblin’ STEVE WINOGRADSKY….Thank you Ladie and Gents! AND last weeks Question was: Who is Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie and what was HER big hit? The singer of course was Lulu and her huge number one was “To Sir With Love” ….WAY TO GO FOLKS!
….And now, here’s this weeks question. But first, SMS is about to “Be going thru dem changes…YES, we are happy to announce the upcoming debut of SIXTIES MUSIC SECRETS version 2.0…..It’ll be bigger, brighter and much MO BETTER! Stay tuned, it’s going live in the next few days. SMS 2.0 will include an expanded Trivia section! Soooo, we thought this weeks Trivia Question should be about “Questions”…

…. Can you name at least 3 major Superstars who had hits with the word “Question or Questions in the title?
In summary, we need The Three Super Groups, and the title to each of their hit’s that include the word “Question”in the title…
No question, that’s your question,,,,,Any Questions?

Stay tuned for SMS version 2.0

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