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Month: December 2017


Didja know that this week in 1975, “Playboy’s” annual music poll named Karen Carpenter “The best Drummer in popular music”…. OMG!
Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham came in at number two!…?

Did you ever see The Carpenters live? We did, and there was no question that Karen was an incredible…..SINGER!

For us, this honor speaks volumes about who read playboy and, of course why!

…..And yes that’s Karen in the picture…

How about you? How did you rate “?The lead sister” from The Carpenters?

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A Quick One: Sixties Music, From The Wrong Side…

Didja know that in 2008 Neil Diamond became the oldest artist to attain the Billboard number one position with his album ” Home Before Dark” Neil was 67 years old. Prior to Neil accomplishing this dubious achievement, Bob Dylan was the oldest dude to have a number one album. Dylan’s ‘Modern Times hit the top spot in
2006 Bob was 65!…..?

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“Oh Canada” : Jimi Hendrix

on this day Dec. 8th 1969. Jimi Hendrix was on trial in a Canadian Court on possession of drugs charges!  Under Oath, he  told the jury he had only  Smoked Pot twice….Snorted Coke three times….and had taken L.S.D. No more than five times. …..Jimi went on to swear he was thru with drugs, no longer needed them because he had outgrown their affects!….And here’s the best part, The Canadian Court found Jimi NOT GUITY on all charges.

Rumor has it that Jimi went on to further test the aforementioned substances just to confirm he had told the Jury the truth! ?

Whaddya think?

Be sure to check out the comments below!…

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“A Quick One”: Metal Madness…

This week’s “Quick One” will focus on “Heavy Metal” and it’s origin!

It’s widely believed that “Heavy Metal” entered our musical conscious and nomenclature in the 1970’s when from outta nowhere our speakers were rattling with power chords from bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and of course Metallica!

But the genre’s musical introduction is quickly traced back to the 1960’s. When in 1969  Steppenwolf had their first number one with Mars Bonfire’s song “Born to be Wild”.  The second verse reads….”I like smoke and lightning, heavy metal thunder” as the song rips and shreds  for another thee plus minutes.

However, Mars Bonfire didn’t coin the term. “Heavy Metal” first appeared in popular literature. In 1961, William Burroughs introduced the character “Uranian Willy, The Heavy Metal Kid”  from his book “The Soft Machine” The first in a trilogy. Burroughs reprised the term and character in a later book “The Nova Express” with “The Heavy Metal People Of Uranus”

However, the real credit goes to music critic and rock journalist Lester Bangs for appropriating the term as it applies to music. In 1969 Bangs was writing an extended piece for “Creem” magazine and referenced a local band’s sound as “Heavy Metal”…..Ground zero for the term  ironically coined for a genre that hadn’t even happened yet!
Anyone have a different story?
Here’s Steppenwolf…

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